Give Thanks with Hostess Gifts

So you were invited to Thanksgiving dinner.  You have your expandable waistband clothing chosen and have starved yourself the appropriate amount of time in order to maximize your stuffing intake.  You have it all planned out- except maybe one thing- a Hostess gift. 

Throughout the holiday season we are invited to many soirees, dinner parties, cocktail events and over-night stays with family.  

One of the most debated topics of the season  is “Should I bring a host/hostess gift”.

To put it simply the answer is always YES.

Bringing a gift to any party will not only show that you are Little Miss Manners, it will also make sure you are invited back.  A hostess gift doesn’t need to be elaborate or expensive–it’s the gesture that counts.

But what exactly is an appropriate hostess gift?

It is always stylish to bring a gift that the host can use for future entertaining- games, bar tools and cook books are great additions to their party repertoire.  Items for the home are also a solid choice- scented candles, serving platters, reusable grocery totes, fun kitchen tools or unique culinary treats.  Feel free to add a little humor and gauge your gift towards your hosts interests!

Whether it be an overnight stay for the holidays, Thanksgiving Dinner or an evening of cocktails here are my top picks for hostess gifts this season.


ONE: My Non-plastic bag is totally judging you reusable grocery tote

TWO:  Nest Holiday Candle

THREE: Finding Your Inner Hostess Book Flask 

FOUR: Key to the Recipe Measuring Spoon Set

FIVE: Rough Day Wine Glasses

SIX: You Wash I’ll Dry Dish Towels

SEVEN:Cards Against Humanity Game

EIGHT: Beer Jelly Set

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