Hair Accessories for Grown-Ups



As a child I had drawers and drawers packed full of hair accessories.  

Even before I was old enough for edgy cuts and color I was expressing myself with Punky Brewster-esc flower ponytail holders and giant lace Madonna style bows in my hair…and then I grew up.

My love affair with hair accessories dwindled and eventually the flame was all but extinguished.

For many women past their teens, the only hair accessories in the bathroom cabinet are black elastic ponytail holders worn for the gym and a few random bobby pins kept for bad hair days.  

Decorative clips, pins, ponytail holders, barrettes and headbands aren’t just for the playground, this season they are one of the hottest ways to amp up your look.

Hello Gorgeous!

Just like a pair of fabulous shoes, the right hair accessory can change your life– well maybe not your life but it will certainly  move your look instantly from drab to fab!

Here are some of my favorite grown-up hair accessories:

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  •  The Goody Spin Pin.  These twisty twirly bad-boys come 2 to  pack AND  do the work of about 20 regular bobby pins!  Perfect for messy buns and up-do’s.  Just gather your hair at the nape of your neck (no ponytail holder needed) then twist your hair into a tight bun and tuck in the ends.  Spin one pin in from the top and the other up from the base.  Available at most drug stores.





  •  American Apparel Twist Scarf.  I couldn’t live without this  ultra-versatile scarf. You have seen me sporting them all over Instagram.  Constructed with structured wire inside,  it  bends and forms easily to achieve a million different looks!  Twist them into a rosebud, bunny ears, a turban style or you can even try wearing it as a necktie with a Peter Pan Collared blouse!





  •  Bun Ease.  The best thing since sliced bread these spongy result-getting donuts let you quickly and easily create a perfectly structured bun that stays put all day! Available at ULTA.



  •  Sephora Ribbon Hair Ties.  The latest super-craze in hair trends. I Love Love Love these.  So much better than an elastic tie,  they don’t crease, tug or pull your hair (which means NO breakage) PLUS they look a whole lot better on your wrist than a black elastic. Available at Sephora.




  •  Headbands.  The tried and true hair staple. Add a little sparkle and a whole lot of chic to your look with a grown-up headband.  Ornate, bejeweled or wrapped in ribbons.  Wear them alone, layered or with an up-do!  My secret tip- they are great for hiding roots on those last days before your salon appointment!


(Rock ‘N’ Rose Genevieve Crown Headband Available at ASOS)


(That Madonna Girl Halo available at )


  • Flower Crowns are HOT HOT HOT!  Seen all over the runways for both Fall and Spring., whether you wear it low and Boho or as a sweeping fairy princess crown across the top of your head you can’t go wrong with head-encircling flowers.


What hair accessories will you be adding to your chignon this season?

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