Hask Wild Orchid & White Truffle Hair Care

Hask Wild Orchid & White Truffle Hair Care

I have been seduced by a drugstore shampoo…. and I love it!

I’m going to admit it.  I, Christie, am a hair product snob.  I typically purchase my products from a salon, Sephora or directly from the brand online.  I have never even entertained the thought of strolling through the hair care section in the drugstore until now.

When Brandbacker and HASK Beauty reached out to me to see if I would like to try their new Wild Orchid & White Truffle Moisture Rich line, what immediately caught my eye was that their products are free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, gluten, drying alcohol and artificial colors.  You know how much I hate those chemical nasties  so I thought “Let’s give it a whirl”.

Let’s start with a little bit about the company.   “HASK is a collection of hair care products featuring exotic oils and other unique ingredients from around the world. The range includes shampoos, conditioners, deep conditioners and shine oils based on the key ingredients of Argan Oil, Monoi Coconut Oil, Charcoal Citrus Oil, Macadamia Oil, Keratin Protein Oil, Bamboo Oil, Kalahari Melon Oil, Chia Seed Oil, Superfruit and Mint Almond Oil. HASK Shampoos, Conditioners and Shine Oils are free of sulfates, parabens, drying alcohols, phthalates and gluten. Each system was developed to target and solve specific hair care needs. Initially introduced in Europe in 2012 with great success, distribution of the HASK Exotic Oil range has expanded worldwide over the past four years. The range appeals to women around the world of all ethnicities and with all hair types. Utilizing high quality ingredients, luxurious fragrances and fresh packaging, the HASK Exotic Oil range provides consumers with high-performance, salon quality results at an affordable price.”

On to the products…Wild Orchid & White Truffle Moisture Rich Shampoo, Conditioner and Deep Conditioner.

Hask Wild Orchid and White Truffle Hair Care

First of all these products smell AMAZING.  Seriously AMAZING… I can’t stop sniffing my hair.

HASK Wild Orchid & White Truffle Moisture Rich Shampoo, Conditioner and Deep Conditioner are formulated for all hair types with luxurious orchid extract sourced from Belgium and white truffle from the South of France, the collection drenches parched, overworked hair with strengthening proteins to rebalance and restore!

The shampoo, which smells FANTASTIC, provides the perfect gentle cleanse.  It removes all the oil and product buildup plus it delivers a great lather which is usually difficult to get with sulfate free shampoo.  My hair felt clean, smooth and silky with just one wash.

The conditioner is super hydrating without feeling heavy or weighed down, and did I mention how AMAZING it smells?

The range also includes a deep conditioning treatment packed full of proteins that help rush intense hydrators where super dry hair needs them most.

The products left my hair tangle free and my brush glided easily through my hair without the use of any additional products!

And the romance continues….as if all this hair love story wasn’t enough, what REALLY impressed me was how the products performed when I blew my hair out.

ZERO frizz folks.


My uber curly hair blew out like a dream!

Smooth, soft, shiny and bouncier than a hair commercial!  No need to flat iron or add a smoothing product.

The products perform as well as any salon brand but at a fraction of the price- Just $5.99 for a 15oz bottle!  I know!  Just $5.99!!!!

Yes, HASK seduced me and I’m in love.

Fall in love with HASK Wild Orchid & White Truffle Moisture Rich Hair Care Range for yourself.

Available at HASK Beauty and most drugstores including Ulta, Walgreens, Target, Walmart and Face Values.

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  1. It is so nice to find that this gives you no frizz, that is one of my biggest struggles especially with the humidity in Florida.

  2. Thank you so much for this review! I’ve been wanting to try this product for awhile, and now I’m really excited to try it!

  3. Even reading the scents I could imagine how amazing they smelt!! Will have to see if you can get them in the UK

  4. I have to admit that I, Jessica, am a bit of a hair product snob too. I am also a big fan of trying to ensure no nasties in all my skin and hair care though so I love the sound of Hask! My hair could do with some TLC and deep conditioning sounds great. Thanks so much for sharing lovely 🙂

  5. Lovely photo! I have a problem with frizz and have used so many different products over the years. I have to say that the more expensive ones weren’t always the best.

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