Holiday Dressing


I love the Holiday Season and holiday dressing is one of my favorite things.

I get weak in the knees for a Peter Pan collar, Topcoats are my EVERYTHING and I own an amoire-army of pussy bow blouses.

Give me a dab of city style layering, a touch of vintage style and a whole lot of holiday kitsch!



It is the PERFECT time of year to combine new, old, vintage and designer into a Fa la la tastic look.

I say Tis the season to deck yourself out!

Let’s get started!

One of the easiest ways to deliver holiday style is by layering an ornate or as I like to call them “fancy” collar under a sweater.  It instantly takes the piece from cozy to Christmas-couture and can breathe new life into a sweater that may have become stale.  Retailers like ASOS are even bringing back the “Dickie” for just this purpose (A dickey or dickie, or dicky,  is basically a false shirt front worn with fancy men’s dress wear in the late 19th century. Laundering was expensive and infrequent, so it was far easier to only wash/starch/press the part of your shirt that was going to be seen).

Whip out that flouncy skirt, vintage inspired heels and tights… it’s oh so holiday perfect!

Be sure to add a pop of festive color like santa red or elf green and of course a TOPCOAT to pull it all together.

If you want to get even more festive try adding a fun Christmas inspired brooch to the lapel of your TOPCOAT!



This gorgeous Valentino topcoat… cue the heavenly music….. is my latest score from

I have been touting the amazingness that is over the last few months.  I am head over heels in love with this site, its service and prices!  If you have’t checked it out yet a world full of wonders is just a click away.

How do you do holiday style?




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  1. I LOVE this look on you! Sometimes when people try to dress for the holidays, they can come off too formal or even (yikes!) too costume-y. But this look you’ve put together is so classy, yet, attainable. I hope someone looking for a good holiday look follows your lead.

  2. Great tips! I am learning so much from you! I haven’t had to dress in winter clothes for years and I mean like five years and let’s just say my style has drastically changed! I love vintage finds and have a small collection not as fabulous as yours but working on it! I love Peter Pan collars too and just picked up some cute blouses to rock!! Thanks girlie

    Courtney Bentley ||

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