Holiday Travel Essentials

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With the holidays approaching most of us have some sort of travel plans ahead.  Whether its a quick 1 hour flight for a Thanksgiving gathering or an across country trip to head home for the holidays make sure your carry-on is travel ready with Travel Tested Solutions from Kiehl’s.

Each product is a compact TSA friendly size and has been designed to infuse skin with essential moisture and nutrients during and after travel.

The travel set includes “First Class” Purifying Hand Treatment, In-Flight Refreshing Facial Mist, Eucalyptus Lip Relief, and Midnight Recovery Concentrate.

One of the downsides of a getaway is the effects it can have on our skin.  Low humidity, low air pressure and recycled air can leave skin parched, tired and dehydrated. Travel Tested Solutions contains soothing and anti-microbial properties to help defend skin immediately against these damaging environmental conditions.

Kiehl’s says that the typical relative humidity in aircraft cabins for flights over an hour is below 10% for most of the journey, often dropping to less than 5% on longer flights. “Preventing hydration loss during a flight is only half of the battle. Just as jet lag must be tended to for days following travel, travellers should actively nurture aggravated skin 2-4 days post travel to restore their skin’s natural balance,” believes Cammie Canella, Kiehl’s Vice President Education and Customer Relations.

The collection contains Cactus Flower extract, which is known to deliver 24/7 hydration, and Tibetan ginseng, a mountain plant that increases skin-cell respiration at high altitudes. With a blend of soothing lavender, stress relieving geranium and healing rosemary essential oils help protect against dehydration and defend against germs commonly encountered during travel.

I LOVE the fresh clean scent of these products, it’s like an insta-spa plus for a germaphobe like me “First Class” Purifying Hand Treatment is a must!  The Eucalyptus lip balm is a soothing olfactory treat that keep lips soft and moisturized with a cooling effect.  I’m a huge fan of Facial Mists (I never travel without one) and the In-Flight Refreshing Mist is an instant pick-me-up for skin. The lightweight Midnight Recovery Oil is your after-flight captain to repair the skin overnight creating a smooth radiant complexion (a must-have for dry hotel rooms).

Make sure before you board your next flight you have Travel Tested Solutions as your co-pilot!

Kiehl’s Travel Tested Solutions is available exclusively at Neiman Marcus and


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