How to Avoid a Halloween Fashion Hangover


Halloween is almost here!  That time of year when our fashion tastes turn a little dark.

Mwah ha ha ha.

Skulls, spiders and all manners of the creepy and crawly draw our interest.

It can really suck you in!

I call it the Disneyland Condition- you know how when you are at Disneyland it seems perfectly reasonable to buy a Mickey tee, Minnie leggings, a Donald Duck Ball Cap and a goofy onesie?  You even think it’s acceptable to wear them all together, then the second you leave the park the spell is broken and you think WTF did I just do?

It’s the same with holiday seasonal items- you catch that seasonal fever, fill your cart to limit, spend an frightful amount of cash and then come November 1st it all gets packed away to gather cobwebs.

I love to get as spooky as the next gal but it needs to be done with a little fashion self restraint.

It’s all about making the right choices.  Purchasing that Jack-o-lantern Halloween 2016 tee at Target may end up being a fashion Trick while buying a skull accent blouse that you can wear all season is a definite Treat!

Before you make that purchase ask yourself:

  1. Will I be able to wear this after Halloween?
  2. Am I only buying this because I have Halloween fever?
  3. Does this item fit my overall personal style concept?
  4. Can I think of at least three ways to wear this item?

To fashionably get you into the ghoulish spirit and save you from a Halloween fashion hangover, I gathered a few of my favorite wear-them-all-season Halloween-themed clothes and accessories.


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