How to Avoid Looking Like a Stuffed Turkey on Thanksgiving

We have all made the mistake, at least once or twice, of wearing the wrong clothing to Thanksgiving dinner.

Our proposed outfit for the day?  An ensemble of skinny jeans and a fitted button-up shirt or a silhouette-hugging medley of body-con dress, heels and an extra thick layer of shape-wear.

Everyone compliments us on how cute we look, we take a few photos and then we sit down to Thanksgiving dinner.


We eat.

And eat.

And eat.

Our shape-wear begins to roll up and down, pinch here and there. The “skinny jeans” suddenly seem like a dam about to burst with a mountainous muffin-top threatening to blow the top button off and shoot someone’s eye out!

Your fitted shirt suddenly seems tighter than a straight jacket and as your 8 year old nephew loudly points out to the entire table, the buttons on your shirt have begun to pull and everyone is getting a peek-a-boo to your undies through  the ever expanding holes between each button. Not only does it FEEL uncomfortable, you LOOK uncomfortable.

More so than any other holiday, Thanksgiving requires careful wardrobe planning.

From anticipating a marathon of eating, to helping with the food preparation or after-dinner dishes, being comfortable while looking put-together takes skill.

 My TOP  Thanksgiving fashion do’s and don’ts:

  • DO wear flats. I know your heels are cute but there is no way to anticipate all the activities your host or hostess has planned and although it could be entertaining no one needs to see you play football with the family in Louboutins.
  • Don’t over-do-it on the shapewear.  Thanksgiving is not the time to stuff yourself into your maximum support full body shape-wear.  A light support compression tank top is the maximum you should attempt on Thanksgiving.
  • Don’t wear white.  Cranberry sauce.  Enough said.
  • Do wear something machine washable.  Just in case of a spill it’s better to be safe than sorry.  Silks and dry clean only fabrics are not the best choice when at any time you could be called upon to carve a turkey.
  • Don’t wear pants that are too tight– this is not the day to debut your new skinny jeans.
  • Do wear stretchable fabrics that will expand with you rather than restrict.
  • Don’t wear long loose or belled sleeves.  When someone says “Pass the gravy” they would prefer it NOT have your sleeve in it.
  • Do bring an apron. A witty or retro apron- this will allow you to easily offer help to your host without worrying about your clothing.
  • Don’t forget to bring a hostess gift.  This is “Being a Proper Guest 101”. Thank your host for the wonderful evening with something festive for their home or kitschy over-mitts to help with serving.



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What will you be wearing the Thanksgiving dinner?

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