How to Fix a Boucle Snag


Boucle (boo-clay) is one of my favorite fabrics.  

Chic, elegant and ultra sophisticated this classic fabric will forever be synonymous with Coco Chanel who used it as a signature in her designs.

Boucle refers to both the yarn and the fabric made from it. Boucle yarn contains loops that range in size from large, loose curls to tight circlets. In fact, the word boucle is French and means “to curl.” The larger the loops, the more texture the finished material will contain. Like other woven textiles, several colors can be used to create an endless variety of designs and patterns.

Although boucle is ultra chic it can also have a tendency to snag easily.

After the many many tears I have cried over snagged Boucle jackets I developed a quick easy fix to save your Boucle!


Let me preface this with a warning: NEVER EVER EVER cut the thread of a snag in boucle or any other yarn fabric- it can leave you with a hole in the fabric or begin to unravel the fabric either way it spells DISASTER!


If the snag is still a loop like above:

STEP 1 Grab hold of the snag with a pair of sharp tweezers from the front of the piece.


STEP 2 While holding onto the snag poke the tweezers gently through the fabric at the base of the snag and grab the yarn with your fingers on the backside as you release the tweezers.


STEP 3 Gently pull the yarn through to the backside (don’t yank it because you might create a run by pulling the yarn too tight).

IMG_0593 (1)

STEP 4 Gently tug and readjust the piece at the snag to even out the stitching until you can’t see if from the front of the piece.

IMG_0594 (1)

If the Snag is a single thread like below


STEP 1 Grab the snag with a pair of sharp tweezers and poke the tweezer holding the snag through the fabric and grab the yarn with your fingers.


STEP 2 Gently pull the yarn through (don’t yank it because you might create a run by pulling the yarn too tight) and tie a small knot in the yarn as close to the base as possible (don’t worry it will be on the inside of the piece so no one will see it).

IMG_0596 (1)

STEP 3 dab the knot with a dot of clear nail polish- let dry.

IMG_0597 (1)

IMG_0594 (1)

Voila! No more snag!

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