How to Keep White Sneakers Pristine

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If you follow me on Instagram you know I am obsessed with my white Stan Smith Adidas.  

I chose white sneakers for their crisp clean look so needless to say I want to keep them looking that way.

White sneakers make a huge style statement but keeping them pristine can be tricky. I have literally seen people have a major public freak-out when someone accidentally scuff’s their white sneaker.

There is no need to loose your cool about your kicks- I have another stylist’s secret trick to solve this dilemma!

The Mr. Clean MAGIC Eraser.  Yep it’s that easy and works like a charm.

Get your Mr. Clean MAGIC Eraser damp by placing it under running water and then wring it out.

photo (84)

Next glide it across the scuff/dirt marks on the rubber of the sneaker (it works on the leather as well).

photo (82)

and there you go….. so fresh and so clean!  Easy, simple, perfection.

photo (86)

Repeat as often as necessary and remember if your shoes aren’t getting dirty, then you’re probably not having enough fun in them!

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