How to Look Good While Camping


Summer is here and its the perfect time to escape the sweltering heat of the city and head to the  cool crisp air of the mountains for a camping adventure!

There is nothing more summery than the smell of a campfire, s’mores, ghost stories and a night under the stars, but like everything in life, I think camping can be so much MORE fun when you do it with style.

After all, just because you are getting back to nature doesn’t mean you have to go feral!

No matter what your style of camping from roughing it in a tent to tear-drop trailers and Airstreams or even a glamorous glamping getaway I have the camping essentials to keep you”roughin’ it” in style.

Keep It Campy
Camping Rocks


 5 Camping Essentials:

Other than the obvious things like a tent, sleeping bag, flint, etc.  Make sure to bring:

1. A Great Book.  Getting back to nature is the perfect time to pick up and old school PAPER book.  No Kindles or ipads while camping please.

2. Insect Repellent. You are in the woods.  There WILL be bugs.

3. Sunscreen.  Even though the temperature may be cooler you will be spending alot of time outdoors which means sun exposure.

4.  Warm PJ’s.  Temps will drop in the evening.  Pick up some thermal pj’s to keep warm!

5. Hiking Boots.  The terrain will be different and unpredictable.  Make sure to have some comfortable hiking boots or shoes with you.


Interested in Glamping?

 Click here to check out my story on the Paws Up Resort!  Glamping at it’s finest! 



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  1. Haha. I love this: “After all, just because you are getting back to nature doesn’t mean you have to go feral!”

    Hilarious! Hubs and I have been yapping about going camping for over a year but it still hasn’t quite worked out. Hopefully soon.

  2. I can’t wait to escape the heat, I’m going camping next weekend.
    Thanks for the great tips 🙂

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