How To Roll Up Your Sleeves

Its a New Year which means it’s time to roll up your sleeves- both literally and figuratively!

Cuffing, folding and rolling of sleeves can transform an ordinary shirt into a chic lived-in masterpiece!

Cotton shirts with a cuff work best for folding but lately I have taken to folding silk and poly-blend blouses as well.  Make sure that your shirt has a cuff that doesn’t billow or pleat where it connects to the sleeve or your fold will be an epic mess.

Whether you are folding a simple cuff or taking that fold to the extreme- above the elbow- mastering sleeve folding techniques can be achieved in just a few simple steps.

There are 4 basic ways to roll up your sleeves.

The Classic Roll– simple, elegant timeless.  This is the classic men-at-work style.   The key is to make sure you roll evenly and that it it looks smooth.  The result should be a single small roll around the middle of your forearm.



The Scrunchy Cardigan Roll-  I love showing the cuff when rolling a sleeve.  It’s an interesting detail that adds some extra oomph to a look.  One of my favorite rolls is over a cardigan. First scrunch the cardigan sleeve up while holding the cuff of your shirt. Then fold the cuff of the shirt over the cardigan and bring it up to the elbow. Next roll the sleeve up one more time leaving the cuff sticking out and give the entire fold a good scrunch. #InstaChic!



The J.Crew Roll– When J. Crew released via the web the secret to their iconic sleeve roll Style Bloggers around the globe rejoiced! This roll holds the best shape with a crisp cotton or denim shirt. Step #5 is super important.  Make sure you tug a little at the cuff peeking out the top and then scrunch the shirt up a bit.  It creates a controlled messy look and stays put better than any other sleeve roll!



The Simple Flip Roll– Fantastic with a pull over sweater and the perfect way to chic up a sweatshirt!  Just scrunch the sweater/sweatshirt sleeve up a bit, unbutton your cuff and flip up paying attention to end the flip at the cuff seam.



How will you be rolling up your sleeves in 2014?

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  1. I could have used this before I left the house this morning! The material really makes a difference I noticed. I love your tip posts. They seem simple, but I really learn from them!

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