I Love My Muff

We are busy women.

There simply just aren’t enough hours in the day.  We rush off to work where we run around like crazy then head straight to errands, dinners, the gym,events, etc where we change clothing in our cars, public restrooms or offices.

It becomes a bit frantic and can leave you feeling a little less than fresh.  A couple spritzes of perfume can help sweeten the pot but doesn’t take care of intimate places we would like to freshen 1/2 way through the day.

Lets be frank ladies.  Sometimes our Muffs get the short end of the stick. (feel free to insert a “that’s what she said” comment here)

I have a friend who for years has carried baby wipes (even before children) in her handbag to “freshen up”.  The only problem is that we need to be careful  what products we put “down there”. Perfumes, scents, and artificial colors are no bueno for your fantastico area!

I have discovered a new line that I am IN LOVE with!  I Love My Muff (they had me at the name).

Created by Candian beauty guru Ritz Clinging who was inspired to fill a “hole” lol she saw in the feminine hygene market.

Her line of muff friendly products are perfect for the modern woman.

I know what you are thinking.  “I’m clean!! I don’t need anything for down there!”

Caring about your muff or searching out products that freshen or clean doesn’t mean your “dirty”, on the contrary it means you care about and take pride in intimate cleanliness!

I Love My Muff has a variety of intimate products including cleansers, sprays, lotions and wipes which are all cruelty free, vegan, free of parabens, SLS, synthetic colors, and fragrances.

My top rated product would be the wipes.  I LOVE THEM LOVE THEM LOVE THEM! Perfectly individually wrapped wipes that fit discreetly in your handbag and make it convenient to freshen anytime.  A Must-have for the gal on the go!  Don’t leave home without them!

With its clean packaging and bold messaging I Love My Muff products are a statement of confidence and a great find for every woman!


I LOVE MY MUFF wants you to start the New Year with confidence.  1 Lucky winner will receive a I Love My Muff Maintenance Kit and I Love my Muff wipes.

To Enter:

First, if you haven’t alread,y subscribe to this blog. (You can subscribe VIA EMAIL at the top right of sidebar).

Then leave a comment on this post between Jan and Jan telling me you secret to staying fresh throughout the day.

Good Luck and Thanks for Reading!

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Last Weeks Lucky winner is Jamie E.! Congrats!

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  1. First!
    Great way to start my Sunday!
    Thanks for the smiles. I stay fresh with all the new body sprays, I especially like Matterhorn by Old Spice.

  2. You had me @ muff! As a prior military member I too carried baby wipes for those training days….what a fantastic idea to send these to our female deployed troops. Thanks for sharing a great product !

  3. I work at a pediatric office so we have baby wipes galore and that’s what I use if I feel “not so fresh” at work. Otherwise I use Cottonelles or Charmin “personal” wipes. The name of this brand however is too awesome! Thanks for letting us know about it! (And for the giveaway). 🙂

  4. FINALLY! My boyfriend uses Schweddy Balls and now there is something for women! I LOVE it! Another great post! I use baby wipes as well, the unscented kind but am afraid it could cause dryness after awhile. Happy New Year Christie!!

  5. Secret to staying fresh – lots of water to clean out our body systems and to carry a nice, albeit small bottle of perfume in the handbag of course!

  6. Holy moley! You had me at “muff”! I work ten hours a day, on and off my feet and my temperature rises and falls more often throughout the day than in a sick child. Baby wipes are my freshener of choice, but the organic ones from whole foods. I love anything that leaves that freshness “behind” that doesn’t use chemicals and perfumes that dry out that delicate skin. I love my muff!

  7. As a person who happens to see many a muff throughout the day, exposed to it left and right, I tend to be very aware of my muff and those around me. My girlfriends and I, we talk about them… we worry over them… I can not tell u how happy I am to now know about this product!!! I change my panties very often through out the day, use the flushable wipes and drink water. Yogurt and cranberry juice help too, to keep it all …..”fed well?” ….shall I say???? I keep mine all bare floored,if ya know what I mean, to keep away all bacteria and ickiness outta there…. I am a bit obsessed over it and have turned a few friends into very muff aware women……So Yay!!!!!!!!!! so happy to have found this with the cute name and all…..

  8. Im a hardwood floor kinda gal, wipes and multi day showers but this should be in everyones “Shag-bag”…i’m lookin’ at you fellers! Time to invest!!

  9. Finally a “cuter” way to address the “humidity” level down there. I was constantly striking out with the KFC wet nap hot glued to my condom. And I thought it was just the proportional size difference between the Trapper Keeper size Magnum condom packaging (I use) vs. the little inadaquate moist towelette with the Colonel’s smiling face. Thanks I love my Muff.

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