I Scream You Scream for Karl x Melissa


I am dying, absolutely salivating after watching the live stream today of the launch of a new collection from my favorite shoe line- Melissa Shoes: Melissa x Karl.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with Melissa Shoes get to know them.

Brazilian shoe designer Melissa Shoes are made from MELFLEX plastic a patented, hypo-allergenic, recyclable, and extremely flexible PVC. The shoes are totally cruelty free and devoid of animal products.

Melissa shoes are incredibly comfortable and ultra-chic- I speak from experience I own 7 pairs of gorgeous Melissa’s.

Melissa Shoes plastic fantastic designs have taken the world by storm over the past few years. Soaring in popularity and selling out quickly due  not only to their unique comfortable fit but also their designer collaborations- in past season’s Melissa Shoes has partnered with some of the greats in fashion such as Vivienne Westwood and Jean Paul Gaultier .

Today Melissa launched their latest collaboration with famed designer Karl Lagerfeld.

The simply scrumptious collection is composed of 4 fab styles: Incense, Glam, Ginga and Melissima.  I am wiggling around in my seat, ants in my pants with anticipation of getting my hands on a pair of the plastic fantastic ice cream heeled Incense style! EEEK!!!  I can barely contain myself!

The Melissa x Karl  Collection will be available in the US in the next few weeks and then in Brazil in March, the rest of South America in April, and Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania and Africa in June.

Which Style is on your “Gotta Have It” list?






Melissa Incense x Karl Lagerfeld


Melissa Ginga x Karl Lagerfeld


Melissa Glam x Karl Lagerfeld


Melissa Melissima x Karl Lagerfeld


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  1. I’ve become such a Melissa shoe whore. #1- they’re ‘personalized’ for me! 😀 #2 they’re comfortable #3 they smell amazing.

    One day I will own a pair of the Melissa Lady Dragon Ball shoe. *dreams*

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