I Want a Wedgie


One of the hottest trends for Spring has had me on the fence.  Do I love it or do I hate it?

I have to admit when I first set my eyes on Wedge Sneakers at the Spring shows I had many, many reservations.  It wasn’t one of those trends I could wrap my arms around and welcome in easily.  Just the sight of them instantly conjured up visions of  Apple Bottomed jeans and Von Dutch trucker caps.

What I’m saying is that I think they can look sloppy and a little too  R&B “Street” when worn with jeans and I’m not really a fan of  pairing  them with a dress.

So what are you left with?  What exactly do you do with them?

This was a trend that I placed on my styling back burner hoping it would just go away but then something happened this week that has me screaming “I want a Wedgie and I want it now”!

Prepping for a Spring fashion layout I decided to pull a pair of wedge sneakers and give them a shot.  After trying several combinations I think I finally found the perfect way to wear this trend while still looking chic and put together.

…and the answer is Drape Pants.

Drape pants, with their soft easy silhouette and tapered bottoms make an absolutely ideal partner for wedge sneakers!


I Want A Wedgie

Topshop mesh tank






What are your thoughts on Wedge Sneakers?  Will you be test driving them this Spring?

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  1. Hmmm…undecided as well. Though I like the wedgies above. What about a short skirt? I think the pants are a good idea.

  2. You have such great timing…last night while we were shopping at Target, I noticed the sneaker wedges for the first time. They caught my eye and I thought they were very odd looking. I could never see myself wearing them, but I guess they could with the right clothes and look, someone can pull it off. The collection you show here would be a good start.

  3. I’m not sure I am on board with these wedge sneakers. I am really in to a flat high top sneaker look so I can see how the wedge might come in to play, but I don’t think I will ever try them. I think you totally found a way to make them work with drape pants. But, I’m pear shaped, can I pull off a drape pant? I would love to have options other than skinny jeans!

  4. I can relate to you on the wedgie! I came so close to buying a pair while in Miami back in November but then decided against them at the very last minute! I agree with you on them looking too R&B street. Only sneakers I ever wear are Nikes to the gym or a pair of converse if I must wear sneakers! I do have a feeling they are going to be a far distant memory by fall just like the Von Dutch trucker hat so I’m not sure if I want a pair? I have a love/hate relationship with them I guess! haha

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