I want to be a Skinnygirl!

The weather has started to slowly warm up, which means I will soon be switching from my winter Irish Coffee’s back to my favorite Summer drink the Margarita!

You may remember last summer I posted a recipe for a low calorie margarita, but now I have the BIGGEST NEWS in skinny drinks so far! 

 Bethenny Frankel-Celebrity Natural Foods Chef and Real Housewife of New York City- has launched Skinnygirl Margarita!

When Bethenny Frankel ordered her Skinnygirl Margarita on the first season of “The Real Housewives of New York City” it became a national obsession–bars across the country trying to mix up a version of it for their calorie conscious consumers.

…and now she offers it ready to serve to you!

The pre-mixed cocktail is ready to serve over ice and contains premium Blue Agave clear tequila, a hint of agave nectar, fresh lime juice and a tiny splash of Triple Sec.  It satifies a demand for an all-natural cocktail that is only 100 calories per serving–without any of the impurities that cause weight gain and painful hangovers!

Bethenny says, “Everyone wants to drink a margarita, but no one wants the guilt or the calories.  That’s why I created Skinnygirl Margarita.  I’m a fix-ologist.  I fix recipes to be enjoyed without worrying about the waistline”.

Now if only Bethenny could fix my chips and salsa problem!

You can buy Skinnygirl Margarita at www.drinkupny.com and in retail stores nationwide.  Check out their website at www.skinnygirlmargarita.com

Skinnygirl Margarita wants you to have a drink on them!

1 Lucky winner will received a delicious and low calorie bottle of Skinnygirl Margarita!

(You must be 21 years of age to enter and live in Las Vegas)


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Leave a comment on this post between Jan. 23 and Han. 29 telling me your favorite “fix” to keep your cocktails “skinny”.

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Good luck and thanks for reading!

Last weeks lucky winner is : Melissa C. Congrats!


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  1. My Skinny Bitch is perfect. 1 1/2 ounces vodka. (I use Mandarin Absolute)
    Club soda
    One packet of Crystal Light (I sue raspberry ice)
    69 calories in the vodka. None in the club soda. 5 calories in the Crystal Light. 0 fat, 0 carbs. Perfect.

    I originally found this at First at the Palazzo, and I started carrying around single serving Crystal Light packets so I can make them anywhere. I’m trying to become a skinny bitch like my drink.

  2. A shot of tequila with club soda & a couple lime wedges is a nice substitute. And, as a beer guy I try to stick with the “Lights”. But avoiding beer altogether would be a better idea, just not any fun. 🙂

  3. While I refrain from calling myself an expert on many things … this is certainly an exception – I’m an EXPERT in alcohol!!

    Skinny drinks:
    Light rum and diet coke … with lime of course
    Vodka with lemon juice (thanks to Chelsea Handler’s tip)
    Wine spritzer – fill glass half way with chardonnay and the rest with club soda
    Beck’s Light, Heineken Light and Michelob Ultra – good low cal beers

  4. Bethany turned me on to the skinny marg – although I’ve never tried her bottled version. I tried to order it at the bar way back when Bethanny introduced it on the REal Housewives, and at least in Laguna Beach, the bartenders didn’t know what I was talking about. Maybe they were watching reruns of the Real Housewives of OC.
    For quiet some time now, I’ve been pouring Silver tequilla on the rocks and adding plenty of limes/lime juice. When the ice starts melting it’s very refreshing. AND no hangover! It’s my poison of choice. I’ve been meaning to give Bethanny’s bottled SKinny Bitch a whirl. Maybe if I can get my hands on a bottle, I’ll become a skinny bitch too. tee hee!

  5. Real lemons, real limes, real oranges and mandarin vodka in a small glass with ice. Add a touch of diet 7-up or club soda and bring on the sunshine!

  6. Just drink it straight!! SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS!!! its all the mixers that give you the calories, if your a gift watching calories, drinking is hard.. so ony drink if you wanna get drunk and best way to get drunk? SHOTS!!! And my fav is a lemon drop. I bet this skinny vodka with some fresh squeezed lemons would be AMAZING!!!! Hold the suga please!

  7. LOL, I love Vicky and Laura’s posts. Awesome.

    Usually I go for vodka and cranberry juice. NOT Cranberry juice COCKTAIL. That *ish is nasty. I need the real juice.

    At a bar, a little more difficult. A screwdriver is a good option for me. I like my alcohol not taste like alcohol!



  8. I keep it real by drinking on an empty stomach! You have one drink and your buzzed. You save all the calories by only having one or two!! Wine is my drink.. If it’s a mixed drink I’ll use sparkling water.. Cheers!! Prost!!

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