IFB Links a la Mode Nov. 12

EEEEK!  Squeal!  I’m jumping up and down excited that for the second week in a row my blog was featured on Independent Fashion Bloggers Links a la Mode with my post How to Wear a Blanket Scarf!

Click around and check out some of the other fabulous blogs that were featured along side me!


Life is certainly a journey. My wardrobe and spending abilities over the years can attest to that. While I’ll always be a Barney’s girl, my current life circumstance keep me window perusing, closet shopping, and replacing essentials from Target’s clearance section. However, in each of life’s circumstances, sacrifice and gratitude go hand in hand.

What I heard from reading many of your posts today was, “be grateful.” And what a perfect time of year for it. This time of friends and family gatherings, giving, and preparing to reflect back on our year.

In addition to Thanksgiving themes, IFB Bloggers shared a little bit of everything. A little trend. A little business of blogging. A little beauty. A little wardrobe styling. A little entertainment. They shared tips, offered advice, and passed on knowledge.

My wardrobe budget may be null but I’m still a Barneys girl who was reminded by one blogger that I too feel vivacious when I paint on a red lip. Grateful.

Links à la Mode, November 12

Links à la Mode, November 12

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