I'm a Dior Addict

Are you ready to become Addicted?  Summer 2011 makeup trends offer a fresh new look that’s going to have you hooked!

Juicy lips in  soft sophisticated shades pulled from a modern palette are the key this season and no one does lipstick like Dior Cosmetics.

Christian Dior launched a cosmetics line because he wanted “to dress women from head to toe”.

The first Dior fragrance, Miss Dior, was released in 1947 and their first cosmetics product appeared in 1955 – a classic red lipstick.  Dior has been setting the standard for fashion forward runway inspired lip color ever since.

This season the famous fashion house has revamped and relaunched their Dior Addict Lipsticks with a new face (Kate Moss) and a fresh clean look.  The collection draws inspiration from 3 distinct iconic styles: Rock- bright pops of color, Doll- ethereal nudes and pinks, and Glam- old school glamour.

“The new Dior Addict Lipstick is a declaration of love between beauty and style, color and couture, between Dior and its addicts”.

I sat down with Thuy Pham- International DiorShow Artist- who filled me in on the secrets for achieving the Dior Signature looks.

Q: Dior is known for creating signature looks.  What  looks does Dior have in store this season?

TP: There are 3 signature looks this season: Doll, Glam and Rock.

Q: What is the Doll look and what’s the best way to achieve it?

TP:  It’s all about a pink lip, minimal eye makeup and a really strong liquid eyeliner-A fresh face and glowing skin.

Dior Nude Foundation has a mineral base which gives a great finish and glow to the skin while also evening out the tone, it’s best applied with a foundation brush for even coverage.

For eyeshadows 5 Color Earth Reflection is used.  The lighter beige shade on the lid and the gold under the brow.  The medium brown tone in the crease and the darkest brown along the lash line.  Add Dior liquid Styleliner along the lashes to achieve the cat eye look and top off with black Diorshow Mascara.  Shimmer Star Rose Diamond pressed powder gives a great highlight to the top of the cheeks and also works wonderfully as a blush.

Finish the look off with Dior Addict Lipstick in shades Singuliere and Miss Dior.

Q: Tell me about the Glam look and how best to achieve it.

TP: This look is all about a strong lip and full lush lashes.

Start with a polished completion.  Capture Totale Foundation used as a base gives the skin amazing coverage.  This foundation also contains a serum in the formula which results in a high definition finish to the face.

Eyeshadow 5 Color Stylish Move is used for the eyes: use the light mauve all over the eyelid, the medium purple n the crease, the pink under the brow, the dark purple along the lash line and the white on the inside corner of the eyes.  For a really full lash look start with Trinidad black 094 eyeliner dotted between the eyelashes.

Then a coat of Diorshow Lash Maximizer, this is a lash Primer for use before mascara, but it’s also a lash conditioner, and can be worn at night to help strengthen the lashes as a treatment.  Next coat a few coats of Diorshow Extase Mascara.  This is great for lots of definition and volume.

For the lips Addict lipsticks in New Look and Fashion Week .

Q: How do we get the Rock look?

TP: Focus on smokey eyes and soft lips.

Air flash foundation gives the skin even coverage, with a light weightless feel: an airbrushed finish.  For cheeks Shimmer Star Amber Diamond on the cheeks.

5 Color Smoky Design eyeshadow Palette for the eyes.  Start with the creamy white as a base color all over the eyelid.  Then the light grey shimmer under the brows and between the eyes as a highlighter.  The darker grey in the crease and the creamy black smudged along the lashes.

Diorshow  Blackout mascara is great for achieving super inky thick shiny lashes.

Dior Addict lipsticks in Spotlight and Dior Kiss finish this look.

Q: Any quick tips for ladies to go from day to evening in a pinch?

TP: Skinflash radiance booster pen is a great essential.  It adds brightness to the eye area without disturbing concealer or foundation.  It’s also great to use to tone down eyeshadows.  I love really thick full lashes at night.  Blackout Mascara is great over any mascara..It creates intense shiny lashes, great for evening.  Also a deeper lipstick.  There’s nothing like a red lip to add drama to the evening.

Q: What is the  biggest mistake most women make in applying makeup–and how can they fix it?

TP:  Mascara application.  Think of the mascara as a little mini curler.  the direction of application, is important for the finished look.  Pushing upward with the wand will create curl..as opposed to straightening out the lashes.

Exciting news for beauty event lovers! Dior Cosmetics will host a Dior Addict Lipstick event at Neiman Marcus Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas on June 23rd from 1-5pm.  Guests will feast on sips and sweets complements of Neiman Marcus as they learn the hottest runway tricks from the Dior National Team. Don’t miss this exclusive event!

Please call 702.731.3636 ext. 2132 to book your appointment.

Dior wants to dress you from head to toe!

3 lucky winners will receive gift baskets of Dior Cosmetics.  3 different baskets will be given away each packed full of products to achieve one of the three signature Dior looks: Glam, Rock and Doll.


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Last Weeks Lucky winer is Mary RC!  Congrats!

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  1. I am a Doll & I need somewhat of a makeover. I have never heard of the radiance booster pen and it sounds like a must have item! Thanks Christie!! 🙂

  2. We should go to the Dior event together!!
    I love Dior products. A Makeup Artist must have.
    Im definitely a glam girl, ( when I actually do my makeup)
    I love purples on my eyes. It makes my green eyes pop. I love a strong eyes and minimal lip for me. But, as a makeup artist I do all types of these looks on my clients. Dior is always my go to for eyeshaodws, lips, and if I could afford it.. skin!

  3. I’m definitely a Doll girl! I need some new products to perk me up, I’m due with my first baby anyday now and am need for a fresh look and feel. Thank you!

  4. Like my nationality, I am a mix – between glam & rock. But, because I love smokey eyes, I’m leaning toward rock. Thanks for getting these great beauty tips for us!

  5. I am a doll…BUT.. getting ready for my first England trip with Jeremy and Jamie…I need some serious beauty perk-ups and advice on how to stay looking fresh all day!!! Love your blogs and pictures.

  6. I am a round the way girl.. That means I change my mind, my mood & my look.. Glam when I need to impress myself & some of my fashionista friends.. Rock when I feel like being bad or looking hardcore & Doll when I just need that everyday feel… Either way Dior has the best shadows I love them and you can never go wrong with Dior!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE

  7. I am a little bit Glam and a little bit rock n roll. Emannualle Alt is my Muse – all the way.
    I like to mix the high low. . . Tshirt from Jcrew, a pair of black skinnies and my Dior cut-out sandals, ala sex and the city movie, carrie bradshaw or rock a pair of my Louboutin pumps.
    Adorable blog, keep keepin on.

  8. I’m torn, I’m more of a ‘Glam’ Girl than ‘Doll’ or ‘Rock’…I definitely love my bold lips, but I think I am a makeup schizophrenic, because I have a little Doll, a little Glam, and a like Rock, all rolled up into a redheaded nerd. 😉

  9. I’m having a really hard time deciding which category I best fit into … there are some days I feel like a doll and others when I feel glam – so hard to pick just one! 🙂 Not sure I’m talented enough for the dramatic rock look (I have two left hands)…but it would be fun to play around with any and all of these fun colors and shades. 🙂 I especially love the Dior Addict video with Kate Moss with the Duran Duran music in the background…LOVE!

  10. Heyyy:)!!! THANK YOU so so sooooooo VERY much for this INCREDIBLE and AMAZING giveaway:)!!! I REALLY appreciate all of your hard work on this awesome giveaway I have not tried ANY of these products EVER because I cannot really afford them being a student and but I have heard AWESOME reviews about ALL them and I really would LOVE to try them THANK YOU:)!!! PLUS you are ending this RIGHT after MY BIRTHDAY this is literally my whole dream birthday wish list in one I have NEVER tried ANY of these makeup products EVER THANK YOU SO MUCH:)!!! THANK YOU:D!!!!!! I am DEFINITELY a doll girl uber girly and I LOVE pink it is my FAVORITE color<3!!!!!!!

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