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Flat irons/styling irons, just about every woman I know owns at least one, if not two or three. 

Technology has come a long way from the days when a flat iron meant a towel, an ironing board and literally an “iron”.

Today’s flat irons come in so many forms, ceramic, aluminum, nano, titanium and tourmaline…ugh so confusing…. how is a frizzy haired gal to know what is the best for her hair?

After-all, the difference between the right flat iron and the wrong one can literally make or break your hair.

I have tried just about every type of flat iron available on my ultra-curly, humidity hating, often out of control hair and I have come to one big whopping conclusion: You get what you pay for.  #truth

Hair tools are one of those things that you need to invest in,  NOT something you should skimp on and there are several things I absolutely demand in a flat iron:

– Control of temperature settings- puts YOU in control for the exact amount of heat you need.

-Ceramic plates – ceramic produces negative ions, diffuses heat and seals the hair cuticle for shiny, frizz-free locks.  Gives you an even, consistent heat.

-Swivel cord- I hate getting the cord tangled while battling my locks.

-Durability/Guarantee- if I invest I want it to last.


The gorgeous gal’s at Neiman Marcus’ Beauty Cue offered to send me a Cloud Nine Wide Iron to review.


I was super excited because this fab British company has been taking the styling tool industry by storm, winning award after award after award!

Ladies, let me tell you…those brits don’t disappoint!

Not only is Cloud Nine’s The Wide Iron sleek and beautiful, it meets my must have list and then some!

– Temperature Control- Cloud Nine’s Iron has SEVEN different Temperature settings (yes SEVEN!)  ranging from 210 to 420 degrees!

photo (94)

-Ceramic Plates- Black ceramic plates that contain a mix of mineral based ingredients which provides the tool the ability to add shine, reduce frizz and reduce static!  The plates also have rounded edges which allows you the  ease of going from flat to curls! I like to use my iron to bend my bangs and give a little flip to my ends- The Cloud Nine Iron does this flawlessly!

– Swivel Cord- Check!

– Durability- has a TWO year guarantee!

Love Love Love this styling tool!  My hair looked extra smooth and super shiny!

Whether you want to to smooth, flick, curl or straighten I would definitely recommend Cloud Nine.


Do you want to be on Cloud Nine?  Click here to visit Neiman Marcus new beauty website where you can snag a Cloud Nine Iron for yourself!


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  1. I own 2 myself, one I bought on Amazon that is okay and one at one of the beauty conferences that does well for my thick hair.

    Congrats on finding your Cloud Nine Iron, sounds like an awesome product!

  2. Oh, I so wish I could afford something like this. I’ve given up trying to style my hair because 1. I have no clue how to make it look awesome on my own and 2. I can’t afford to invest in top notch styling products. Ponytail it is for me. Wait, what you would recommend that would be more affordable for someone like me? The daily ponytail does get old after awhile but being the style-challenged gal I am I never know where to look.

  3. Guilty, as charged. I own 2. And I agree, temperature control is a must. And the swivel cord should just be a default feature. I also love flat irons because I can use them to give my roots a little lift. With fine, flat hair, I need all the lift I can get. That iron looks so sleek. Maybe I need 3?! 😉

  4. I own one. I’ve used it once (a flat iron, but not this brand).

    I’m like the only living woman on earth that doesn’t use one regularly, I think!

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