In the Box That's Hot!

One of the hottest things around these days is the monthly subscription box.

Boxes that arrive at your door filled with “surprise” samples of everything from beauty and grooming products to healthy snacks and dog treats.

But why are they so hot?  Why are we obsessed?

It’s simple: subscription boxes are both addictive and exciting!  When they arrive it feels like you received a super thoughtful care-package from a loved one.  This person knew your every need and packaged it in a pretty box just for you.

Let’s face it, some of us barely have time to stop and pick up toilet paper- never-mind having time to “browse” shopping isles to “discover” new products.  Subscription boxes make it easy by delivering products to your door, tailored to your tastes, each month in a convenient little box and believe me- there is a subscription box out there for EVERYONE!

Besides, who doesn’t love getting a surprise in the mail each month, even if you are paying for it.

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For the beauty lover:  Glossybox  comes packed with tons of beauty-licious goodies to try out plus a lovely note packed full of compliments- I’m giddy every time of open it.



For the Healthy Snacker:  Naturebox- each month a box comes packed with healthy snacks.  You can tailor your snacks to your personal tastes or dietary needs.  I Love this subscription.  I take these guys to set with me! Nom Nom.


For the Kiddies- Citrus Lane- A box of new, awesome products for your little one, customized for your child’s age and developmental stage.


For the eco-concious there is Blissmo-each month your recycled box comes packed with products that are both eco-friendly and certified organic.


For the pupsBarkbox  carefully selected products for your dog according to it’s size and needs delivered to your door – anything from toys, bones and all-natural treats to hygiene products and innovative new gadgets! A portion of the proceeds from each box goes to help dogs in need (shelters, animal welfare programs and non-profit organizations that help dogs in need).

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  1. Some of these are freaking awesome. I never heard of these subscription boxes but will have to look into them now. I hate the idea of paying full-price for a new product that I’m trying only to find out I don’t like it or it doesn’t work for me like it’s supposed to. Talk about a waste of money! This looks like an interesting solution to that.

  2. These are awesome 🙂 I get some of these from Circle Of Moms / now Pop Sugar and you are right they are super cool to get. I’ll be checking these out as well thanks for sharing. LOVE Citrus lane

  3. I love the dog box. The fact that some money goes to help animals really is nice. I wonder if they have a wine box!! Lol

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