Its all in the Bag: One bag many personalities

It can be frustrating trying to get one bag to fit the many roles we play each day, especially on vacation!  Who wants to pack multiple handbags for different looks! Not a traveling Fashionista.

I recently discovered  Parazul handbags and I must say, they flow seamlessly with a variety of outfits for day and into night. 

Parazul is perfect for vacation.  The versatile bags have a easy, sophisticated, tropical look with a spacious interior which allows you to carry everything you need for every situation.  You can even “customize” a unique bag that’s all your own on their website with colorful silk scarves and custom-crafted leather charms inspired by the beautiful vacation destinations where Parazul was first launched.!  (Parazul has developed a discount code specifically for my readers, PARAZULPERK16  for an additional 30% off!) Visit the Parazul website and discover your own, “Parazul Personality”.

 I decided to match the Parazul White Scarf Bag with looks for Travel, the Beach, a Luncheon and Evening.. the bag makes a subtle classic statement everytime!

Here take a look at some fabulous combinations with a Parazul must have!

Exciting Enter To Win Promotion this week!  1 Lucky reader will win a beige “Classic” Parazul Handbag (see image below)

All you have to do to enter is:

1. go to the Parazul website and pick out your favorite style.

2. come back to my blog and click on the comment icon at the top right of the page.

3. leave a comment (between July 12 and July 18) telling me which Parazul Style is your favorite.

(Last weeks winner of the Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka Giveaway is Lauren G!  Congrats and keep reading!)

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  1. Christie you are by far the best fashion stylist around. I love all the looks you put together! I went to the Parazul website and I love the white scarf bag you picked out to go with all travel outfits. I found this post to be one of my favorites as I travel all the time and have issues with packing everything I need for my trips. Looking forward to more blog posts!

  2. Hi Christtie. Great blog! I like the white scarf with beige logo scarf bag!

  3. WOW! This was a tough decision to choose from with all these great styles and colors. I really wanted to go with one of the pink purses but right now I have been looking for something summerish that would go with more of my wardrobe. So I would have to say that my fav is the classic bag in white. I’d add the pink cocktail slim scarf to it along with the pink cocktail charm. This way I get the use of the white purse with adding a touch of the pink color I love and the fun cocktail charm – love that! This is a flirty and fun style for me that could go with my summer wardrobe and be used as a casual or dressy purse – love that versatility too! A girl can never have too many purses 🙂

  4. Christie, the outfits you put together in this blog post are dreamy! I like the structured but carefree style of all the Parazul bags. If I had to choose a favorite, it would be the scarf bag. And I’m a total sucker for lime green! I once had a lime green sweater, and whenever I wore it, a friend would call me a “damn ray of green sunshine.” LOL.

  5. Hey Christie, the looks you put together are great, and like you said that bag is very versatile. Much more so than my kidrobot bag 🙂 I’d have to say my favorite style is the white scarf bag with the pirate scarf and charm. It’s the first adult purse I’ve seen that I actually like because it still has some fun in it. Plus, if I need to appear perhaps more mature , say at a Pediatrics fundraiser, I can just switch out the scarves and charms and fool people for a little while. Very cool. 🙂

  6. I love the white classis bag you selected but I also love the beige one, I would be delighted wtih either one. I am in need of a summer purse and I couldn’t have found a better one myself. I loved the Parazul website – Thanks.

  7. Christie,

    The entire day of clothing, shoes, purse and accessories are elegant fun and versatile. I absolutely love your blog and your creative styling.
    The Parazul purse i like the most is the white slim style, mainly because of the shoulder strap. If I bought this purse I would also buy four different scarves and charms making it even more versatile as an all in one purse . Change the scarves and charms according to the mood of the day. It really is a great sophisticated but fun, functional purse. Thanks for giving us great tips.

  8. It’s all about the Parazul Beige Mini Bag. For one, it’s sporty and encourages me to leave behind the bulky NY carry all bags behind and give my shoulders a break this summer…but also, if anyone got out of line, there is that smashing golden P on the front of the bag which would leave a stellar forehead mark for the wrong tipsy fool…I’m just sayin’.

  9. Hi again Christie:

    I think I have figured this out……yeah! I love your site and all of your tips! I have to say my favorite style bag has to be the High-tech……..I am always shoving papers for my job in my smaller bag, this bag is so stylish, classic and would be terrific for all of my projects! I loved looking at the Parazul website. Thank you for featuring it on your blog!

    Thanks for all of the tips and information!

    Donna Bath

  10. Hi Christie!! Loved meeting you at the Village and am so impressedwith your styles and website! I enjoyed the Parazul website and my favorite was the Sporty and Chic bag! I alsoloved reading the blog and rememberseeing you in the orange Ray Ban glasses. Can’t wait to dye my jeans also!! Need to get to know you better! Virginia Terry

  11. These are great classic styles that are so versatile. I love very classic handbags that stand the test of time. I would definitely go with the practical black slim bag and change it up with colorful scarves and charms. The zipper on top is a must, because I always put my handbags on the seat next to me in the car and I don’t want anything falling on the floor. The purple turtle slim scarf is too cute! That and the cocktail scarf for GNO’s (Girls Night Out) are my faves. Thanks for featuring Parazul on your blog. It is a beautiful and clean website with fantastic handbags. You also put together some carefree and fashion forward styles that would look great on anyone. Enjoyed this post. Thanks!

  12. Hi Christie, just went to the parazul website. They have a lot of beautiful bags I can’t believe you can customize your own bags! I did find one I liked though….the black messenger bag looks just masculine enough to carry around for me:). Have fun in Michigan!

  13. Beige scarf bag with white logo scarf is my favorite. I love all of these bags. They look great for any age and any event!!!

  14. My favorite style is the Beige Scarf Bag. I bought the Black Classic and love it it is my favorite bag. I love the ideas on your blog thanks

  15. Hi Christie,

    You remember how I used to be a sucker for beige? Beige just goes with everything. My favorite was the white scarf bag with beige scarf. Although the pink one was totally cute too. These are nice. Hope I’m lucky this week. It beats the diaper bag I’m usually carrying around. See ya miss!

  16. While I love all the Parazul bags, I like the white slim bag with the lime logo scarf. Reminds me of summer and the Carribean.

  17. Hey Lady!

    so i went to the Parazul site and checked out the bags. pretty nifty idea. reminds me of a vacation on a cruise ship. they’re pretty classic bags. a good investment piece for women who want to just switch up colors and not have the hassle of changing out bags. and i like that the scarf can be used as a neck scarf or even used with a cute pin on a sweater. well i decided i enjoyed the slim bag in black with the black scarf and maybe a cute palm tree charm detail to add a hint of green. that would be my bag of choice. also the evening look on your blog is super cute and put together well. love it.

  18. Okay….I am still in high school and I try to be a fashionista. I have so many designer bags but after seeing this one….I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!You can do so many things to enchance the effects of it….dress it up…tone it down. It is the all around white bag for going to the pool…hanging with friends…going to dinner or just having it sit on my bed and daydreaming of where I’d like to take it next!!! This is my favorite of all time and my other bags would sit in my closet and talking to themselves cuz they’d be stuck in there forever…crying because they would be left behind!!!

  19. My mom needs anew purse bad.. I got nothin whitty to say except that her taste in purses is well… it needs a little help!

  20. Hi Christie: After viewing this line of purses, I think I am hooked….I know I am for sure. Hard to choose which style I like the best. They are so classy! I think my favorite is the white scarf bag with beige logo scarf. From the pictures, it will definitely hold all my “stuff” and still go with everything and anything I wear………from casual to professional. Any style of these bags would be great on a vacation. And being able to change out the scarf to match an outfit is a fabulous idea. I have such “BLAH old lady purses”. You find the best sites!!!!!!! Thanx!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Hi Christie,
    I love you and your blog and I think you are so cool. You are my favorite cookie person. Keep up the good work, you are so talented and so creative and I envy you,
    I love the purse selection that you made and would love to add it to my wardrobe.

  22. I love the black messenger bag. It may not be as classy as the slim bags but they have managed to mix practical and stylish, especially with the eye popping blue interior.