I've Got A Secret (Stylist Tips and Tricks)

Stylists are like the boy scouts/girl scouts of the Fashion World….. we are always prepared for any emergency with our go go gadget kits.  People are constantly asking me for some fashion “secrets” or “tips”,  so I’m going give you a few that are not only useful on a photo shoot but also useful in everyday life.  These common  tools can save you from some sticky and embarrassing situations!

The Rubber Band.  Oh how I love you rubber band!  My favorite use for you is on a broken zipper.  When your pants/jeans have a zipper that won’t stay up take a rubber band and slide it through the eye on the zipper then loop it back over itself. Next take the end and loop it over the button on pants, put the button through button hole and voila!  Your zipper will stay up!  Rubber Bands are also great for shortening the sleeves of a shirt under a jacket.  Put the rubber band around the arm over the shirt.  Adjust the shirt until the cuffs are at the length you want then put the jacket on over it!  Perfect sleeve length!

Hydrogen Peroxide.  This can be a life saver when blood gets on clothing!  I have saved the day on set with this remedy many times! Pour the hydrogen peroxide onto the area of the blood stain and allow it to foam for a few minutes (it will “boil” the stain out) before wiping it off and laundering normally. Older blood stains may require repeated applications of hydrogen peroxide.

Toupee Tape/Topstick.  What problem doesn’t this solve?  In recent years companies have tried to make money off this stylist secret and re-brand it as “Fashion Tape” but its still just toupee tape and you can get it MUCH cheaper at any wig store!  This double sided tape can do everything from holding clothing down to skin (low cut dresses or tops) to making a quick hem in pants and securing a tie in place.

Baby Wipes.  Baby wipes are the greatest thing!  Always keep some with you!  They quickly clean a spill from clothing without leaving a ring and remove makeup on clothing!  You know how in the summer after walking around all day in flip flops your feet look dirty?  Give your feet a  quick clean off with a baby wipe and you are all fixed!

The Pencil.  Not just for scan tron tests!  Ever loose the back of your earring while you are out?  Pop off the eraser from a pencil and use it as a temporary back!  Ever had a zipper that was stubbornly stuck? Rub a number two pencil along the length of the zipper to coat it with the lead and make it slippery. (Pencils are made with graphite carbon which acts as a lubricant for the teeth of the zipper).

Clear Nail Polish.  Perfect for runs in nylons, tights and pantyhose! Just dab some on at the base of the rip to prevent further running.  Also great for a loose button!  Just apply some to the back of the button on the thread to secure it until you can get it fixed.

So when you have your next clothing emergency remember these secret stylist tips and you’ll be off walking the runway (or sidewalk) in no time!

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