January Top Shopping Pick: Sweaty Betty

This year I am launching a new monthly series: Top Shopping Picks.  Each month I will let you in on one of my professional shopping secrets-online shopping- and share with you my favorite online retailers.

Let’s get started!

I’m sure all of us have one  big fat thing in common on our New Years resolution list: Lose Weight/Get Fit.

Achieving this resolution can be a bit more fun when you have the right gear- after all if you buy it you have to wear it which means you would have to work out, right?

My favorite sporty online retailer (a secret shopping spot I use for exclusive and celebrity clients) is sure to have you looking appropriately stylish for all your physical activities  Sweaty Betty.

Not only does this site have a super cool name, you can shop according to the activity you will be doing: Workout, Yoga, Run, Cool Down, Beach or Ski.

Not sure what to wear for these activities and you don;t have a personal stylist to do your shopping?

That’s ok there is also a “knowledge section” that briefs you on what  the appropriate gear is for a triathlon, tennis, a marathon, yoga, etc.

Fun, stylish and ready to get fit Sweaty Betty is my top shopping pick for January!

(SHOPPING TIP: Make sure you are on US $$ not GB$ when ordering)

(Sweaty Betty Key Looks for Running)

(Sweaty Betty Key Looks for workout)

(Sweaty Betty Key looks for Yoga)


(Sweaty Betty Yoga Grip Glove)

(Sweaty Betty Trikonasana Yoga Bra)

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