Keep Your Socks on the DL this Summer with Kushyfoot


Not every day during summer is a sandal day.

This season designers are cutting pant hems shorter and shorter making NOW the perfect time to show off chic summer brogues and oxfords.

This linen pair is one of my favorites but with cropped styles the last thing I want is to see socks poking out of them.  Sloppy attempts at no-show socks can ruin an entire look and not wearing socks isn’t an option for me in the hot Las Vegas weather.

Last summer I experimented with a dozen or so brands of no-show socks which all left me uber-disappointed.  Their biggest failings were that they either weren’t low enough which resulted in a full-show rather than a no-show, they would  bunch up and show at the heel of my shoe or they would wiggle around inside my shoe everywhere BUT my on my foot.

So when Kushyfoot offered to send me a pair to try I was like a pair of mismatched shoes: on one foot excited that I might finally find a no-show sock I liked but on the other sat the vivid bitter memory of all the crappy no-show socks I had tried in the past.

Today I wore my Kushyfoot Foot Covers  for the first time and I must say I was pleasantly surprised!


What Are They: Kushyfoot Ultra Low Cut Foot Covers are light weight foot stockings constructed of 95% Nylon and 5% Elastane with a padded heel guard and foot cushion built in.

How to Use Them: Super easy, just wrap the padded heel end around the back of your foot and the ball of the foot pad side around your toes.


Why Do I Like Them: They are actually the first no-show socks I have tried that are truly no-show.  As you can see from the photo at the top of this post you would never know I was wearing socks.  They are thick enough to provide extra support and absorb any sweat your feet may produce but thin enough not to feel awkward in your shoe.  They stayed put for the most part- I had to make a few tugs to adjust while running through the mall prepping a shoot but overall they held strong.  The padded foot cushions give great support when wearing heels and the padded heel guard solves that heel rubbing blistering mess that summer mixed with sweat and heels can create.


Where To Buy Them:  

Kushyfoot also offers a complete line of shoe-comfort products including tights, knee highs and flats-to-go (you know how much I love flats-to-go) on their website.  They even have toe pads for open-toe shoes!

What do you think- Socks, no socks or no-show socks for summer?

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