Keeping your Head in the Christmas Shopping Game


Well we are getting down to the nitty gritty of the Holiday Season!  Only 14 Days left until Christmas!

OMG!! I still need to shop!

There is one major problem just about everyone of us has in common this time of year.  We can’t stop shopping for ourselves.

I am a professional shopper and even I fall pray to this wicked trap (just reference the gorgeous Valentino topcoat I’m wearing in these photos- the fruit of my addiction).  

It starts with the best of intentions.  You head out with list in hand ready to be the best gift giver ever and spend the entire day shopping only to come home with a bag full of things for yourself.


To help get us all back on track I thought it might be helpful to share a few tips for keeping your head in the Christmas Shopping game: 

  • Limit the amount of impulse shopping.  For me this is all the cute little kitschy things near registers. Thank you Sephora.  I distract myself while in this tunnel of temptation by keeping my eyes on my phone checking social media or having a conversation with my shopping partner.  If you have similar weak spots try using my distraction tools or ditch the cart and keep your arms full so that your hands can’t wander while near them.
  • Shop with purpose. Think of the general type of gift that you’d like to get someone and then go seek it out.  Aimless browsing is your enemy!
  • Pick Your Most Effective Shopping Method. Is it online or in the store?  For me online shopping is a wondrous rabbit hole of endless shopping possibilities…. that I could buy for myself….. so I try to do most of my gift shopping at actual brick and mortar shops.  For others a trip through the mall is an invitation to stray from the plan. Pick the shopping method where you, personally, will linger the least.
  • Make a budget for yourself.  Rather than trying to cut yourself out of the equation entirely, decide on an acceptable amount that you can spend on yourself before you start shopping. That way, you’re less likely to impulse buy, there’s not a sense of guilt when you do, and you’ve already set some reasonable limits on yourself, so it can’t get out of control.
  • Take time away.  With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it’s easy to develop a shopping mantra that makes you feel like it’s now or never to make that purchase. Don’t let that  feeling get the best of you. Is this an impulse buy or is it a great gift?  If you are on the fence, try stepping away from the item.  Put it on hold, grab a drink or a bite to eat and see if you still think it’s a good idea an hour or so later.

How do you curb those impulses to buy for yourself at Christmas?

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