Kicks with a Smile

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There is a new man in my life, Jack Purcell and he makes me smile.  

The Jack Purcell Collection from Converse.

You have heard the “cool kids” talking about his hot kicks, seen the social media buzz about them and spotted a few on some of your favorite Celebrities but what exactly are those sneakers with a smile and how are they different than Chuck Taylor’s?

Who is Jack?

Known as both a Gentleman and a Rebel, Jack Purcell was a Canadian born World Badminton Champion in the 1930’s who designed a “game changing” canvas and rubber badminton sneaker. Now I know what you are thinking “Really? A rebel Badminton Player?” The answer is Yes!  Jack was a bad ass. Not only was he a Sports Hall of Famer and undefeated throughout his professional career holding the title of world champion from 1932-1945 he was a gentleman in the club and a competitor on the court.

The shoe was originally designed to provide more protection, style and support on badminton courts.

Bought by Converse in the 1970s, the brand has been completely transformed into a must-have.

The design of the Jack Purcell sneaker at first glance is very similar in appearance to Converse’s Chuck Taylor All Stars. Although there is some difference in the stitching and eyelets, to the untrained eye the easiest way to spot them is by the “smile” across the front rubber of the shoe.


After you slip into a pair you instantly FEEL the  biggest difference: fit and comfort.

These days I need a bit more comfort than I did back in my younger Chuck Taylor days. I’ve matured and refined but I’m still hip and cool so why can’t my sneakers reflect that?

Jack Purcell’s are cut a bit wider and have more cushion in the insole and a thicker outsole which equals happy smiling feet!

They still have that retro rebel minimalist cool factor but are a bit more refined.  Sorry Chuck we are going to have to breakup Jack’s my man now.

Here is a look at some of the Spring Jack Purcell Collection from Converse






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  1. Cool review. Cool kicks.
    But, I just can’t turn my back on Mr. Taylor, he’s always been there for me, and always will be.
    Go Chucks! 😉

  2. Comfort and width have always been my issue with Converse. I love the classic style of them that never goes out of fashion, but NOW Jack has given me what I have been looking for. Thanks for the info!!

  3. I have a pair of shoes John calls my “hipster shoes.” They are not very supportive and are actually kind of flimsy but I love them.

    I do like these shoes too. If I needed new ones right now I’d definitely look into them. Much as I like cute sandals, I prefer comfy sneaks I can run around in and be ready at a moment’s notice for a long walk or some urban exploration and photographing.

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