Knock on Wood: Clogs are Hot for Summer 2017

Chanel Wood Slides

Clogs are totally hot for summer 2017, once known as a folksy shoe worn by gardeners and smurfs, the clog has come a long way from its humble orthopedic foot care beginnings.

This iconic style was originally made famous in the late 1960s by Dr. Scholls, the sandal’s raised toe crest and contoured sole encourage natural gripping and flexing when walking. Perfectly simple, playfully chic, and crafted in wood to last through the years, the Original Exercise Sandals were an unexpected fashion hit and has remained a feminine favorite for decades.

According to well known fashion lore: Clogs come back in style every seven years.  The last time they made a huge showing was in the 2011 shows (which happened in 2010 so get out your calculators folks… was 7 years ago) they remained front and center the whole year once fashion darling Alexa Chung adopted them as her go to style.  Then last year we got a sneak peek of the trend rearing its head again in fur lined versions at Gucci and Fendi.

Thanks to the revival of 1970s style and all things boho, clogs have made their way into the summer 2017 collections of just about EVERYONE. From Saint Laurent’s studded prints to Chloe’s organic modernist take, clogs have been given a cool fashion update for spring that is anything but folksy.

Effortlessly chic, easy to wear and oh so comfy they will give your feet a much needed summer vacation.

Whether you choose to rock them in the form of slides, sky high platforms, strappy sandals or slip-on mules there is no disputing that wood soles are hot hot hot this season and don’t forget to keep ahold of them when the season ends because the trend will be back again in 7 years, hello Spring/Summer 2024.

Clogs Summer 2017

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  1. dude… i LOVE clogs. I’ve worn them for as long as I can remember because I really didn’t care if they were “trendy” or not!
    I’m a teacher and being on my feet all day SUCKED. The wood in the clogs were cushy enough to help me survive and pull my look together since I’m a young teacher.

  2. I used to wear shoes like these ALL the time! Love them. The wood is such a natural feeling and goes well with almost anything.

  3. I had a pair of clogs when I was a kid and I loved them! I’ve seen quite a few around this Summer and I love that they’re back. I didn’t know it was Dr. Scholls who originally made them famous! That’s cool 🙂

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