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Nothing adds drama to a look like long thick lashes.

Sometimes mascara can’t get the job done alone. Adding false eyelashes is the perfect way to open up, frame the eye and add length and thickness.

Choosing the lashes can be overwhelming and applying them yourself super tricky! We have all had application fiascos- so I went to an eyelash expert to bring you the best tips on falsies!

I sat down with Elizabeth Le Pek founder of Lash Royalty for some lash tips and tricks!

Q: What should the average woman consider when selecting lashes?

LR: It’s just like finding the right lipstick. You need to find out what works for you. Everyone is different. First, when selecting a lash you want to choose something that is high quality and I recommend synthetic lashes so that you don’t have to worry about any allergies. You have to match the lash with the look you are going for. If you want to do something that’s Glam you want a really full lash and if you want a look that’s more natural choose something that’s a little more wispy and soft- that blends in well with your lashes. Even though they are false lashes they don’t have to look like the old doll-like lashes your mother once wore. Today there are so many styles to choose from.

Q: How does one decide whether to go with full, partial or individual lashes?

LR: Selecting the right pair of eyelashes depends on the makeup style you are trying to achieve, the size and shape of your eye and whether you want volume, length or both.

Lash Royalty has 10 versatile styles that are made to suit just about any size and shape eye.

For the ultimate bombshell look I would use our Luxe #1 (full lash).

(above: Lash Royalty Luxe Lash)

For a soft cat-eye look with winged out lashes the Pacha (partial lashes).

(above: Lash Royalty Pacha Lash)

For a natural look the Ballerina

(above: Lash Royalty Ballerina Lash)

and for the Kim Kardashian look Miss Cherie.

(above: Lash Royalty Miss Cherie Lash)

Q: Some women aren’t aware of a crucial step when applying lashes. Trimming. Can’t you explain why this is important?

LR: You need to trim the eyelash to fit your eye. Use tweezers to hold them up to your lash line and measure from a tiny bit outside the inner corner of your eye all the way to the end. Then trim from the outer lash corner, because the lashes are built to mimic natural lashes going from small at the inner of the eye building to longer at the end.

Q: Mascara and other eye makeup. Do you apply it before or after the false lash?

LR: Go ahead and finish all of your eye makeup, liner and mascara. Curl your lashes then apply the false lashes. Some people do the opposite- they apply the lash first then the mascara. I find that if you apply the mascara last you get it on the false lashes and its tough to remove it off the synthetic lash.

Q: Glue, the trickiest part of lashes. What’s your advice for the gluing process?

LR: All you need is a small amount of glue to apply directly on the band of the false lash. Let the glue dry for about 10 to 15 seconds until it becomes tacky. Then apply the lash to your lash line. If you do it any sooner the glue tends to run everywhere and you might glue your eyelid and ruin your eye makeup. Always remember to add a little extra glue on the ends, as those sections have a tendency to peel quickly if applied incorrectly. The good part is that you can always clean up excess glue with a fine q-tip.

Q: What should you consider when choosing a glue?

LR: I prefer non-latex glues. Many clients have mentioned they experience allergies to false lashes and we have actually discovered its not the lash, it’s usually the latex in the glue. Lash Royalty is working on a non-latex lash adhesive to be released soon!

Q: Key tip for applying the lash?

LR: For lash application get close to the mirror and look straight into the mirror. Close one eye gently and keep it relaxed. I like to use a pair of tweezers and place it gently above the lash line. Use the tweezers to play with it and get it where it needs to go. With more lash application expertise, you will become faster and more precise.

Q: Reusing lashes. Ladies invest money in quality lashes and want to get as many uses as possible out of them. What the best way to store and clean lashes after use?

LR: If you plan on reusing your lashes you need to clean them thoroughly just as you would with your makeup brushes or other cosmetic products. One item I use is called Beauty So Clean, its a beauty product sanitizer (great for cleaning makeup brushes). What you do is spritz it on the lash band and then gently peel off all the glue residue. Now if you have lower end lashes and you try this method the lashes will probably fall apart. So you want to use good quality lashes. Store them right back in the box on the plastic insert which will help them hold their shape until the next use.

Q: How many times do you recommend reusing a lash?

LR: I think with lashes once you start wearing them you can tell when they start to loose there shape or a some lashes fall out. It varies for each person. Use your best judgement and if its falling apart don’t put it on your eye.

Q: One of the biggest problems I hear about is false eyelashes lifting towards the end of the night. Any tips for this?

LR: Make sure when your applying the glue to the lashes that you apply a little extra to the ends. Those are the first areas to lift because we are blinking all the time and the moisture from our eyes. If you are using a good glue it should adhere and stay for a good 8 hours but you should always tuck away a small vile of glue and a fine q-tip in your hand bag to retouch if necessary.

Check out Lash Royaltys video on How to Apply Lashes!

Lash Royalty wants you to bat some gorgeous lashes.

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  1. Hey, Christie! My biggest lash fiasco: my well-meaning friend told me that false lashes weren’t for women over 50! I believed her for years. Then, for a special event a few years ago, I applied a strip lash. I looked so much better in pictures from the evening, and people told me all night how good I looked. My daughter got married last month, and I hired a makeup artist with a real knowledge of lashes to apply makeup and lashes for all the women in the family, none of which had ever worn lashes. We rocked…and now they are all converts. Never believe that lashes aren’t for all women who want to look their best, THEY ARE! Thank you for your amazing blog!!!! I love it!

  2. I really enjoyed this blog. Even though I haven’t had a fiasco with the eye lashes and after reading this I hope to never have one either. I can’t wait to start practicing. Thanks for sharing the info.

  3. I love the look of false lashes!! The only fiasco I have from time to time is putting them on. . . I have trained my fiancee that while I am doing this to not talk to or interrupt me. LOL, poor guy.
    For whatever reason I need to be relaxed and in complete silence (BIG DORK, maybe) but when i take those extra minutes alone and focused – I get the perfect lash (i hate if they are too high on my lid, i like them right on the lash line). I love using individual lashes on the weekend just to enhance the corners of my eye for a very natural pretty look. A little bronzer and a few lashes is all you need for beautiful, clean and relaxed looking face. Great post. THANKS!

  4. Singing in Bally’s showgirl spectacular, Jubilee, required wearing the biggest faux eyelashes I have ever seen every single night. Whenever they came undone it looked as if a tarantula was crawling past our eyes! Looking forward to trying some nice, pretty, natural ones! xoxoxo

  5. My biggest false lash fiasco was when I was getting ready for my best friend’s wedding. I spent most of my time doing everyone else’s hair and make up that I did not leave much time for my own. I haphazardly threw on my lashes (not realizing that I didn’t secure the ends AND I glued too much of the actual lash onto my left eye). I covered the unevenness with some liquid eyeliner, but while I was walking down the aisle, the lashes started to lift from the sides! Worst part is that I didn’t even notice until I touched up my face prior to the reception! All those chapel photos were ruined because of me!

  6. One of my pet peeves about lashes is the spine or lash band. I personally like a band that is strong yet flexible. my biggest fail with lashes is when I tried to remove the lashes from the packaging..they become bent when removing them and they stay ugly. With a strong spine…you are able to be a little rougher with them and give them some tough love when removing them.

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