LG Styler Steam Clothing Care System


To say the last couple weeks have been crazy is an understatement.

Two editorial shoots, the Today Show, an advertising shoot and I styled models for a presentation at IBS (International Builders Show).

In between model changes I had a little time to walk around, as I turned a corner it was like heaven’s lights shined down on one GLORIOUS product: The Styler Steam Clothing Care System from LG.

I stood there falling in love as the representative described the features of this beauty and wondered “where have you been all my life”!


The Styler is a wardrobe cabinet that basically acts like an at-home dry cleaner. The slim closet steams, presses and deodorizes your clothes in minutes with the touch of a button and the help of your smart phone.

Inside the closet, hot steam fills the space to begin the de-wrinkling and deodorizing processes. The hangers then gently shake back and forth to remove wrinkles, followed by the release of your choice of two aromas which get rid of bad smells such as food, sweat or especially beneficial here in Las Vegas… SMOKE, leaving your clothing looking great and smelling fresh. For pants, there’s a separate press area that will keep creases crisp and shelves make a handy space for deodorizing pillows, bedding, sweaters and even teddy bears!

The LG Styler also provides sterilization with TrueSteam. This hot steam spray technology can eliminate up to 99.9% germs and bacteria that might hide inside your clothes or soft toys. One more thing, this is a smart wardrobe, it features Smart Diagnosis that alerts you via your smartphone when this unit requires maintenance or repair!  It comes equipped with an easy to fill portable water container to fill and drain so no water lines are needed.

The wardrobe doesn’t exactly clean clothes that have stains on them — it simply refreshes garments that need some perking up. Seriously where has this been all of my life! Thanks LG for making life a whole lot easier!

Here is a peek at it in action:

LG’s Styler retails for about $2,000 and is available at Lowes.

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