Links a la Mode Denim Edition

I am super excited that my Spring denim obsession has caught the eyes of the gals at Independent Fashion Bloggers.

They honored my “Denim you Chambray” post in their Weekly Links a la Mode!

Check it out below PLUS see the ways other fashion bloggers have become just as obsessed with denim this season as me!

IFB bloggers are ready for spring, that much is clear. Unfortunately, the weather is not acting very spring-like in many of the locales where our bloggers reside. But we have some tricks up our sleeves. Spring makeup works even if it’s only 49 degrees outside, and light coloreddenim (a very popular topic this week!) will keep you just about as warm as darker hues. Chambray is also a good choice—and by the way, have you ever wondered how that denim-like fabric is different from actual denim? I know I did, so thank you, Christie of I Can Style u.

Links à la Mode: April 9

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