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Have you ever had one of those moments when you try something new and realize that you have been operating in the dark ages until now?

Recently I have had 2 of those moments.  The first was when I upgraded my 2005 MacBook to a 2013 MacBook Pro and the second was today when I blew my hair out with the Amika Power Cloud Repair + Smooth Dryer.

Those of you that know me are acutely aware of what a struggle I have with my hair.  It is super-duper curly  (I like to wear it straight), extra extra thick and lately I have been fighting a horrible battle against breakage.

It usually takes me about 1 1/2 hours to blow my hair out which leaves me with a craving to go to blow-out bars rather than do it myself.

This morning I blew my hair out in 30 minutes and to top it off my hair was so smooth I barely needed to use my flat iron- which has NEVER happened before.

Seriously, where has this dryer been my whole life?

The results are life-changing and it’s because of the technology:

The Amika Power Cloud Repair + Smooth Dryer is a new revolutionary drying system that allows you to choose between positive and negative ion technology. 

Positive ions enhance texture and volume for a bombshell blowout, while negative ions give a silky-smooth, frizz-free look. The 1875 Watt AC professional motor is lighter, less noisy and more durable than standard DC motors and dries hair up to 70% faster.  Ceramic and tourmaline infused components harness far infrared heat for minimal heat exposure resulting in healthier styling.

So what does this mean?  Well to put it simply the positive setting opens up the hair cuticle so masks/conditioners/etc can penetrate the hair shaft and cuts down drying time unbelievably. The negative setting cuts out the frizz. Strands naturally have a positive charge, and the negative ions smooth the hair by closing the cuticle.

Yay Amika!

To add to the awesomeness of Amika there are 3 products that I consider must-haves from their hair-care line: The Nourishing Hair Mask,  Heat Defense Serum and my BFF their Dry Shampoo.

The secret  to all the amazingness behind Amika’s hair care line is Sea Buckthorn Berry aka Obliphica.

The Obliphica berry, has been renowned for centuries for its healing powers.  It has an arsenal of antioxidants, vitamins, healthy fatty acids, Omega 3, 6 & 9, and the rare Omega 7 (usually only found in fish oil). These potent vitamins come together to form a line that replenishes, moisturizes, and brings out hairs natural balance.


I saw a major difference in shine and the strength of my hair after just one use of the Nourishing Hair Mask!  Silkier, less flyaways and the texture was dramatically improved!  It’s a perfect pick me up to any hair type but especially beneficial for color treated and damaged hair.


Use the Heat Defense Serum to protect your hair while styling.  The intensive strengthening ingredients repair the cuticle and boost elasticity for ultimate anti-breakage benefits. The result is soft and smooth hair that is protected from humidity.


Dry Shampoo.  I honestly couldn’t live without this product.  The Amika™ Perk Up Dry Shampoo cleanses by absorbing excess oil and dirt, that weighs down hair. The light-weight formula creates soft texture and removes odors to refresh hair between shampoos. Unlike other dry shampoos that use aluminum shavings, the amika™ Perk Up Dry Shampoo is enhanced with natural rice starch. Obliphica (Sea Buckthorn Berry) extract conditions hair leaving it soft and manageable. Free of talc. Safe for color treated hair.

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Don’t just take my word!  This week AMIKA wants you to try their amazing products for yourself!

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  1. I can totally relate to super long blowdry times. It stinks! I also have very wavy hair and it’s tough to get it to be anything but big and frizzy. Love the idea of trying this!

  2. I LOVE AMIKA! Their hair repair/mask is amazing. And that blow dryer is so pretty! But holy crap, an hour and a half? Wow, I guess having fine/thin hair isn’t so bad. 🙂

  3. ANY way to get the smooth and straight from the dryer would be worth a try to me! Not that I don’t think products are wonderful, but sometimes I’m almost too lazy to go through the whole deal – save me time, I will TOTALLY buy you is my motto!

  4. I cannot imagine 90 minutes to dry! My hair is so thin and stick straight that it air dries in about 20 minutes. I almost never bother with a blow dryer since the end result is the same.

  5. Oh my word I love that hair drier and I just know mine is about to bite the dust. Also? I’m also looking for the latest greatest dry shampoo… anything to push my wash a little further. Thanks for this review.

  6. I have to do my hair every day so this would be a totes lifesaver.

    AND?? I am swooning over the colors on their packaging. I die. Really.

    PICK ME!!!!

  7. What?!? I have never heard of this brand but I have this thick, wavy, course hair and it is never smooth with a hair dryer alone. This might be the one that actually works!

  8. I am excited to try the dry shampoo! I never have used dry shampoo before but wow, do I need it! Haha. Never heard of this brand but hopefully I can try it!

  9. I would LOVE to win these amazing products!! I have never actually tried a dry shampoo and have been wanting too! My hair if fine but I am pregnant and my soon to be daughter will be mixed. I am thinking she will have curly hair. I would love to try something out that someday she will be able to use:-) Plus the product design is super cute! How could you want them!

  10. I am excited to try the Nourishing Hair Mask! Being a mom of a toddler, I don’t have much “me” time anymore. I would love to win this set so I can pamper myself! 🙂

  11. I really more excited for the blow dryer I need one tired of going to school with my hair wet ..I need this could help me out..

  12. This is the second time I have heard of Amika. I have never tried the products but when the curly haired girls swear by it then I know it must be good! The test is my thick hair and some of my friends with curly do’s wanting to go straight can’t wait to see what its all about, apparently #AMIKA.

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