MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour

Unless you have been living under a rock you have no doubt heard about or seen lips all over Instagram sporting the hottest beauty trend of the moment: Liquid Lipstick.

Celebs and Beauty Bloggers alike have been rocking this lip-revolution dubbed Velvet or Suede Lips. Velvet simply describes the finish of the gloss-lipstick hybrid.

The velvety-smooth texture has a luxe and fuzzy appearance. It is long wearing- and by long wearing I mean you can have a cocktail, eat dinner and have a smooch while your lip color pretty much stays in place.

The Velvet/Suede Lip Colour trend threw makeup artists for a loop when it hit the scene. Its a style of lip that leaves the edges a little “fuzzy” or “blurry” and is definitely NOT the way your mother taught you to wear lipstick but there is something oh so chic about it!

Last year MAC Cosmetics took their first leap into the world of velvet lips with the launch of their Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour.  The first release had 15 shades- mostly in pinks and purples.  It was SUPER colorful, SUPER pigmented and SUPER saturated, not really up my lip ally but now I have to say hel-loooo Spring 2017!

For Spring 2017 MAC Cosmetics is back with 12 new better than ever shades of Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour in deep and muted tones.

The FABULOUS folks at MAC Cosmetics sent me this Spring-tacular set of 10 of the shades from the new collection to test drive and I must say….I’m in love.

Let me count the ways…

First of all let’s talk about the applicator.  It has an amazing little doe foot applicator which allows you to apply the product perfectly and precisely.

The product applies as a liquid which makes it easy to smooth on and then dries to a Matte Suede finish.  It never dries out your lips (mine felt great all day) and it delivers BIG in the color department.

Talk about staying put.

This baby stays ALL DAY LONG! Seriously I had to use a makeup remover wipe and some elbow grease to take it off at the end of the day!

……..and the COLORS!  This really is the best range of lip colors I’ve seen in awhile. Absolutely gorgeous.  Although Young Attitude may be a bit mermaidy for me I’m stuck on Carnivorous.

Its vibrant,  bold and packed full of attitude.

The 12 new shades are listed below. Some are limited edition and some will become part of the permanent line.

  • Topped with Brandy Deep dirty rose (Permanent)- shown above
  • Carnivorous Blackened red (Permanent)- shown above
  • Ess-presso Deepened chocolate brown (Permanent)- shown above
  • Burnt Spice Creamy dirty rose (Permanent)- shown above
  • Young Attitude Blackened teal (Permanent)- shown above
  • Cafe au Chic Greyed beige (Permanent)- shown above
  • Chocotease Warm chocolate brown (Limited Edition)- shown above
  • Flesh Stone Greyed neutral brown (Limited Edition)- shown above
  • So Me Greyed plum (Permanent) shown above
  • Dash O’ Spice Yellow beige (Limited Edition)- shown above
  • Ladybegood Warm mid-tone nude (Permanent)- not shown
  • Simply Smoked Brown taupe (Permanent)- not shown
  • Oh, Lady Deep wine (Permanent)- not shown
  • High Drama Deep dark plum (Permanent)- not shown
  • Uniformly Fabulous Blackened grape (Permanent)- not shown

If you are looking for BOLD Long wearing lip color you NEED Mac Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour NOW!

Available now at all MAC Cosmetics retail locations and

*NOTE Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick is not sold in a set like the one abpve.  This was a special promotional set exclusively for Press purposes.  Each Lipcolour is sold individually.

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  1. Ooo that sounds so fun! Ten different colours to try? Yes, please. I am in the market for a lippy that lasts and like the sound of you having to get the makeup remover out as I often eat my lipstick and the half applied look is never good! xx

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