Maleficent Casts a Spell this Summer


This weekend Disney’s Maleficent will cast a spell over our movie screens…… AND our makeup…. and wardrobe.

Origin stories have been all the rage in cinema lately- Man of Steel, Amazing Spiderman, X-Men Days of Future Past-films that flash us back to what made our favorite heroes and villains become what they are today. Maleficent is an exciting addition to this new film genre.

This week I attended a special press preview screening of the film and it was….magical.

Dark, mysterious and visually exciting Maleficent is the kind of fairytale I love! It delivers  a contemporary take on the classic fairy-tale, showing us how the world isn’t  just black or white, good or evil often it is both.

We follow Maleficent on her journey from innocent child-fairy of the Moors to the heartbreaking events that are the how and why she became so hard-hearted and evil.  

Remember  #EvilIsComplicated.

Angelina Jolie stars as Maleficent, Elle Fanning as Princess Aurora and Jolie’s daughter, Vivienne Jolie-Pitt, plays Aurora as a young girl.  I don’t want to give away any spoilers because this fantastic fantasy film takes you on more unexpected twists and turns than a ride at Disneyland!

So I’ll  just say this,  GO SEE IT, See it in 3D, bring some Kleenex and whatever you do stay away from spinning wheels!

Maleficent is the most glamorous of all the witches to grace the Disney screen so it makes sense that designers have been clamoring to prick their fingers with their own dark and decadent Maleficent Collections.

MAC Cosmetics released a Limited Edition 12 piece Collection designed by the film’s makeup-artist which ranges from eyeshadow and sculpting powder to lip pencils, lashes and nail lacquer.


Fashion Designer Stella McCartney Released Maleficent by Stella McCartney Kids capsule collection which includes 8 playful styles for boys and girls ages 4 to 14. Representing the two sides of the film the collection is made up of both feminine princess-like dresses and dark edgy styles, including a winged sneaker that I only wish came in my size!


The UK luxury jeweler Crows Nest released a 7 piece Maleficent inspired collection featuring motifs such as thorns, horns, dragons, feathers and fire. Each piece is set in rhodium with black diamonds, featuring a pear-shaped onyx stone in place of the brand’s signature pear-shaped green tsavorite.



Luxury sleepwear brand N Natori launched Maleficent for N Natori on HSN.  Remember, Maleficent is based on the story of Sleeping Beauty so a line of sleepwear inspired by the film is a must!  There are silky caftans, tunic sets, slips, and robes including a blood red slip with a thorn-ecs pattern on the bodice.


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  1. I knew about the Stella McCartney collaboration which I’m thrilled about; however I had no idea about the rest of the designs. So glad you shared! Thank you.

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