Mango Tree Fitted Bangles

Ok so yeah, Earth Month is over but I won’t let that stop me on my quest for all that is Eco and Chic.

As I have said many times before eco-conscious fashions/accessories have come a long way in the past few years!  I get really excited when I find out that something I loved simply because it was beautiful is also a piece that is both sustainable and earth friendly.  Let’s face it folks, for me it has to be chic…I don’t see myself wearing anything that would be sold at a stand at a Grateful Dead or the back of a VW Bus at a Phish concert.

A few months ago while prepping for a swimwear shoot I was introduced to Mango Tree Fitted Bangles – beautiful eco-fab jewels inspired by the creators travels around the globe.

These exotic bangles are not only chic and perfect for wearing all summer, they incorporate two standout features that make them a fashion must- have!

First, the bangles are made from Organic Mango Trees in Thailand that can no longer bear fruit- hand made and hand painted each one is a unique piece of art.


Never wear a baggy bangle again…how many times do you find a bangle that you love but its either too small or too large!  Mango Tree bangles actually come in different sizes!  (Small, medium. large and XL)  Hooray!

The bangles come in 3 different styles as well-slim, samba and bold- and in over 50 colors  retailing  for $21-$27 at

So slip into your favorite  maxi-dress and stack on the Mango Tree Fitted  Bangles.. unique, sustainable, affordable and the perfect addition to your summer fashion repertoire.

Get ready folks, this is a good one!  

1 lucky winner will receive 2 fabulous Mango Tree Fitted Bangles in the style, color and size of their choice!


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Next,  take a trip to the Mango Tree Fitted Bangle website check out their bangles then leave a comment on this post between May 6 and May 12th telling me which is your favorite.

Good Luck and Thanks for Reading.

Please leave comments.  I appreciate each and every one of them.

Last Weeks Lucky winner is Wendy!  Congrats!

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  1. These bangles are really cute. I have small wrists and can never find anything that isn’t practically falling off. These look great!

  2. I love mangos but I really love these bracelets. Always wear at least two!!! Colors are great. Mikie

  3. Omg. What a great price point! This way you can buy 2-3 and stack them or wear them individually. I like the Bold style the best because they’re nice and big. The golden green and lapis lazuli are my top faves. But really, I would love one in every color! Awesome.

  4. These bangles are AMAZING! I love the Slim Dreamy purple and the Slim cotton candy!!

  5. I have the Bold in Wood Green, and I love it! I am loving the Samba bangles as well, especially the Red Coral!

  6. I absolutely love these bangles! The Bold Sand Stone is my favorite and it’s on sale right now! The best part is that they come in different sizes. I too have small wrists so I don’t usually find Bracelets that fit. Fantastic!

  7. These are adorable and at a great price point too.
    I’m loving the Samba Aspen White, Bold Pebbles and Samba Black Jack from their website!

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