Masking All The Way with Dr. Jart


There’s a lot to look forward to during the holidays—spending time with family, Christmas jams on Sirius XM’s The Holly Channel, endless parties, Hallmark Movies and for beauty nuts, a bevy of limited-edition gift sets all dressed up for the festivities.

You seriously can’t match the “Oh-so-good deal” these gift sets offer!

This year, as always, beauty powerhouse Sephora has some of the best and brightest beauty gifts.

One of my TOP picks is “Masking All the Way” from Dr. Jart.

Sheets masks are one of my beauty obsessions.  Originating in Korea, sheet masks are cloth, paper, fiber, and fermented coconut juice bio-cellulose (bacterial cellulose) saturated in a solution similar to a serum or essence chock-full with moisturizing ingredients and Dr. Jart is the master of sheet masks.

Masking All The Way features seven of Dr. Jart’s innovative sheet masks- – 2 Water Replenishment, 1 All That Contours,  2 Pore Minimalist, 1 Brightening Infusion, 1 Single-use Pore Master Patch.  Each one targets a different skin concern- dehydration, blackheads, sagging, dullness, and enlarged pores in skin.  It’s like a candy store for your skin!


The masks contain ZERO chemical nasties- they are free of Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates PLUS they are great for any skin type even sensitive skin since they are absent of the 10 most harmful skin ingredients including artificial perfume or color, denatured alcohol, triethanolamine, sulfate-based surfactants, triclosan, mineral oil, propylene glycol, and DEA that cause skin irritation.

Pick one up for that beauty lover on your list and go ahead and grab one for yourself too!

Dr. Jart Masking All the Way is available at Sephora or by clicking here.

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