Mixed Florals

Mixed Florals

There is one sure fire thing you can bet on every Spring, that a floral pattern of some sort will make an appearance.

I mean it makes sense, flowers signify new beginnings, which is really what Spring is all about, right?

Spring 2021 is delivering us a fresh bouquet of florals in an all-over approach by mixing florals head-to-toe.  Yes, mixed florals! You know my love for print mixing so, of course, I’m excited AF about this.

Whether romantic soft florals are your thing or the punchy in-your-face type of floral sparks joy, create your own arrangement by mixing floral prints of different sizes and types.

When rockin’ mixed florals (or really any print) the key is to have one color that continues throughout. As long as the prints have at least one color in common, you can use contrasting colors.

If you feel like it’s too printastic ground your look by pairing with a solid to kind of calm things down a bit.

After spending the last year in sweatpants and leggings it’s time to have fun with fashion again. Dive into your closet, dust off those bag and heels, find some florals prints and start experimenting. It’s time to make your long-awaited fashion reemergence and why not do it in mixed florals!

Mixed Florals

Mixed Florals

Mixed Floral Prints

Vintage Blazer

Floral prints Spring 2021

Mixed Floral prints

Mixed Florals

Mixed Florals

Vintage Floral Prints

What I’m Wearing: Vintage Velvet Blazer with Bakelite Buttons  | Vintage Skirt | Vintage Belt | Marc Jacobs Navigator Saddle Bag | Free People Boots | Ann Taylor Blouse |

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How to mix Floral Prints

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