Model Bootcamp: Modelus Perfectus

Welcome to The Urban Jungle.  Today we will examine the Endangered Species Modelus Perfectus. 

Modelus Perfectus is a mammal sub-species coming  from the diverse yet thriving general class of Modelus Commonus.  They range in color and size from tiny to muscular, dark to light.  One of the most beautiful creatures of our world the Modelus Perfectus is on the brink of extinction.  These elusive animals are rarely seen in the wild and seldom held in captivity.

Unique characteristics of Modelus Perfectus include:

  • arrives to photo-shoots at  least 15 minutes before call time.
  • carries a “model bag” armed with various kinds of undergarments, snacks , a variety of shoes, hair extensions, and clothing choices.
  • always bikini ready
  • perfectly manicured hands and feet
  • clean/dry face and hair
  • an absence of visible roots
  • a professional and sunny disposition
  • the ability to follow photographers instructions
  • the absence of complaints
  • does NOT mess with clothing or makeup after the Stylist/Makeup artist are finished
  • carries “current” updated Comp Card that shows their “current”  hair color and length along with “current” body type (not ones from 10 years ago like their cousins Modelus Commonus)
  • will never eat, drink, or smoke in their shooting wardrobe
  • always drinks from a straw as to avoid messing up lips

Modelus Perfectus evolved from their Modelus Commonus ancestors by useing  their limbs to cat-walk, pose, and overall out beautify other Modelus species, setting themselves apart. 

Many Modelus Perfectus have adopted certain “moves” when in a photo session which make them easy to distinguish such as elbows forward not back, elongated neck i.e. turtle neck , and the infamous slouchy shoulders and rounded back.

In order to maintain a high constant body quality the Modelus Perfectus needs a nutritious and plentiful diet along with an energetic workout regimen.  The most common out of captivity sightings of Modelus Perfectus occur at gyms, pilates classes and health food stores.

Conservation of this species is vital.   Destructive Modelus Commonus activities  and bad set habits have spread over to the Modelus Perfectus group and led to the current rate of species extinction, which is at least 100–1,000 times higher than the expected natural rate.  We must direct our conservation efforts toward youthful Modelus Commonus who have the potential to evolve into Modelus Perfectus but have not been shown the way or have developed these bad habits!  The key is to encourage and teach this next generation  or we will lose this sub-species all together! 

Please join our conservation efforts by encouraging all Modelus Commonus to read these Model Bootcamp Blog Tips and hopefully together we can help to rebuild the invaluable and irreplaceable Modelus Perfectus species as well as protect and save it  so that future generations can experience their presence, value, and majestic beauty.

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