Model Bootcamp..Prints and Logos and Stains, Oh My!

Prints and Logos and Stains Oh My!!

Models. Models. Models.  What am I going to do with you?  Just when I thought you were all on the road to recovery from reading my Blog Posts, I worked a job where your clothing selections made me very sad. 

Its time for another review on Set Etiquette and what to bring to a shoot!

The clothing you bring to a shoot is very important!  It is a reflection of the kind of model you are!  DO NOT cram your clothing selections into a grocery bag or your handbag!  Please pack them carefully into a hanging travel bag or suitcase!  Why should the photographer or director and stylist have to dig through a grocery bag to look at your clothing?  This looks VERY unprofessional!

Please DO NOT bring clothing that has stains, is ripped, frayed, or worn out!  I spent 20 minutes with stain remover, a sponge and a blow-dryer on a talents clothing yesterday!  A Stylist is not a laundry service and this can hold up an entire shoot!

Make sure the clothing you bring is CLEAN!  I cannot tell you how many times I start to steam a talents clothing only to have a wafting stink smell of  B.O. assault me!  Ewe. Wash your clothes!!

While we are on the subject of smells….PLEASE not only do you need to wear deodorant to set (believe it or not many talent DON’T!) but please have some in your model bag for touch ups throughout the day!  If you are a sweater..make sure you bring an undershirt to prevent wet arm-pitting showing through your shirt on set.

Make sure the clothing you bring has NO LOGOS!  Come on guys!  This is modeling 101,  yet I continue to see “Affliction” t-shirts and “Polo” shirts brought to shoots.  WE CANNOT SHOOT LOGOS!

Gents, please do not bring pleated pants unless you are over the age of 60 or you are shooting a golf look!  And while we are at it, NO DOUBLE BREASTED SUITS!  Come on where did you even find that?

If you are on a video shoot make sure the clothing you bring has no crazy patterns, solids are best.  The camera cannot process the patterns properly and results in an effect call “Moire” where the shirt looks all squiggly and weird.

Gents on set, DO NOT put your wallet, cell phone, keys, money, etc in your pant pockets!  On camera it will appear that you have strange lumps all over you!  Please find a safe place to leave these things!  Ladies DO NOT bring your handbag to set!  The Stylist and Makeup Artist cannot do their jobs while watching all the talents handbags!  Nor do we want to be responsible for them!

It is important to look and act professional on set and the clothing you bring makes the first impression!  Please take care of it and treat it with respect!  Many times the clothing you have plays a big part in where you get placed in the shot!  Do you want us to see the back of your blurry head in the Ad or YOU front and center?  Your clothing options can make the difference!

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