Model Bootcamp: Set Etiquette

Ah my little models. Here is an addition to my  series on Model Tips and my ongoing Quest to make the Models I know and work with the best they can be! Welcome to Model Bootcamp!

I know some of this seems harsh but its in your best interest.  The last thing you want to do on a job is annoy, upset or alienate the people that hire you.  This is not to say that you cannot stand up for yourself if you are being treated badly on a job, but always be careful of what you say and how you act. Instead of confronting anyone on your job talk to your agent about the situation.

I have been noticing Models do little things on shoots lately that I thought everyone knew was a NO NO..but it occurred to me that some things I take for granted that every model should know, they don’t! Either they were never taught or they have forgotten over time.

There are several “faux pas” that a model can commit on set.  Proper set etiquette shows how experienced or inexperienced you are.  To look like a pro please follow my advice.

First and Foremost : NO GUM CHEWING ON SET!!  It doesn’t matter if you try to hide it in your mouth.  Eventually there will be a shot where your mouth is slightly open or you are laughing and BAM there it is right in the shot.  Or worse (as I have seen happen) you laugh and the gum flies out of your mouth.   More commonly you may unknowingly start chomping on the gum making your mouth look deformed in the photos.  Leave the Hubba Bubba at home kids!  No Gum!

Second: Hands off!  Hands off the hair, the makeup and the clothing!  If the photographer calls the hair/makeup artist or stylist to adjust something, let them do it!  DO NOT try to adjust it yourself.  I know you are trying to help but you cannot see what the camera sees!  We are  looking on the monitor or through the camera and know what to fix.

Third:  Stay in your position!  If the photographer is shooting and calls the hair/makeup or stylist into adjust something DO NOT move out of the position for them to do so!  What needs to be fixed needs to be done so in that position!

Fourth:  Always be on time!  On time means 15 min. early! There is an entire crew under the stress of working against time to get as many shots done as possible.  Don’t be the hold-up.

Fifth: Be professional! Approach your job with professionalism whether its paid, for tears, or a test.  You agreed to it.  Be professional.

Sixth:  Listen.  Listen to the Photographers directions.  Don’t argue or complain.  Take their directi0n properly.  Getting on a photographers good side ensures you of more work in the future.

Seventh: NO Self Tanner, perfume, scented lotions.  You may bring these items with you and ask the stylist if you may use them but especially on Editorial shoots the clothing must be returned to the store or Designer and cannot have tanner all over the inside or smell like a French whore.

EIGHTH: NO smoking or eating in the wardrobe..same reason as SEVEN.

Lastly:  DO NOT Remove tags on the clothing!  If you see a tag tuck it or inform the Stylist.  Do NOT remove it yourself!

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  1. NO GUM?! Jeez…you were kidding when you named the blog “Bootcamp”! If I ever buy clothes that have weird orange stuff all over them I’ll know so model didn’t read your blog! Then again it would have to be a husky sized model…..

  2. Love the web site girl, Jerry O’neal recommended you to me 😀 he’s kinda my uncle in law? cause i’ve been dating his nephew for ever! But great tips!!