Model Bootcamp: Swimsuit Ready


(above: Photographer:Jerry Metellus  Stylist:Christie Moeller  Makeup/Hair: Melissa Conner  Model: the always swimwear ready Anna)

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 Just when I thought, again, that I might be running out of ideas for my Model Bootcamp section… POW..BLAM..WHAM , I work another job that slapped me in the face and left me scratching my head wondering “Why don’t they know this!”

Swimsuit ready.  What does it mean? 

 This stuff seems basic to some but there are tons of others out there that come to set with at least one of these categories NOT taken care of!

1.  Your bikini area must be properly maintained (waxed, shaved, depilatoried, trimmed etc) Both Ladies and Gents!  Come on please!  I have watched retouchers squirm as they zoomed in trying to clone out stray pubic hairs hanging out of swimsuits! I have handed out razor after razor on set sending girls to the bathroom to “trim up”.  I should seriously buy some stock in Gillette!  This needs to be done BEFORE you come to set!

2. Ladies make sure your legs and armpits are shaved..again gross!

3. Gents, make sure your chest and back are properly “Manscaped” please see my previous post for tips on this. 


5. NO TAN LINES! Fashion involves swimwear of all different shapes and cuts so having tans lines can be a problem! Guys especially watch out for sock tan lines!

When asked to bring swimwear to set please bring a variety of swimwear that doesn’t have  logosGuys you are the biggest offenders of this!  DO NOT BRING trunks that say “Quicksilver” or “Hurley” across them, you know we CANNOT shoot logos on ads and commercials.  And while we are at it:  FYI gentlemen, basketball shorts ARE NOT SWIMWEAR!  DO NOT BRING THESE TO A SWIMWEAR SHOOT and try to pass them off as your swim trunks!

Make sure the swimwear you bring is well maintained.  DO NOT bring the ones you have been surfing or wake-boarding in for the past 3 summers.  They should look new and clean. (Hand-washing your swimwear will give it a longer life).  You should have separate swimwear that you use for shoots than the ones you use on a daily basis.

Ladies. Unless you are asked to, DO NOT BRING THONG SWIMWEAR to a shoot! I know, I know,  you want to look sexy but trust me regular bikinis and uni-kinis are sexy enough…bring a variety of classy and upscale sexy swimwear. 

Ladies you should always,always,always have  nude thong underwear with you.  It should have string like sides and back (not lace, not thick, no bows or jewels) and should be smooth.   Le Mystere “Y-not string thong” is a great one as well as  the Cosabella “Talco G String”.

(above: Le Mystere Y-not string thong in nude)

 Wear the nude thong underwear underneath the swimsuit. NEVER put on a swimsuit you are given by the Stylist with NOTHING under it!  These swimsuits are usually samples worn by multiple models all around the world!  NEVER go commando!  Talk about a huge Petri dish of disgusting!  If the swimsuit has open sides then use a panty liner instead of the thong.  (You should always have a few of these in your model bag).

I recently discovered the Shibue Couture “Peel and Toss Disposable Strapless Panty”!  I love this because sometimes panty liners can tend to bunch up and these stay nice and smooth!

There are a couple extra things that you can bring with you that will make your day more pleasant.

Bring a robe!  The first thing you should do when arriving to a swimwear shoot is to take off all clothing that will leave any lines or indentations on your body (socks, bras, jeans, etc) and put on a robe.  This will help your body look smoother and toned on camera.  Do this BEFORE you head into makeup so the lines that are there have time to subside.  The robe will also come in handy when you have to take a long uncomfortable walk to set in a bikini with tons of patrons at that location staring at you.

Bring some flip flops or loose Ugg boots to wear to and from set.  Usually you cannot walk in the shoes for the shoot, not to mention it gives your feet a break from heels.

Being beautiful is only part of being a model.  There is a long list of rules, etiquette, and equipment you need to be successful!  Follow my tips, keep your model bag stocked, your attitude sunny and you’ll be booking swimwear shoots like crazy!

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Good Luck and Thanks for Reading!

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  1. I was on a job once shooting in Hawaii…they wanted me to put on a swimsuit with no thong or ‘safety sticker’…it seems the previous one had melted and got all kinds of gooey, buggary things on the crotch of the bikini. I refused to put it on. They never used me again…but that’s the risk I took to keep my sweet little cho-cha safe, lol!!!! Tough crowd and my booker at the time (male) was not happy with me AT ALL.

  2. Amen to the ‘groom that shit’!!! I don’t want to see a mythological figure crawling out the side of your bathing suit/crotch area. Medusa’s creepy crawlers, she wore on her head! Just saying!!! Thanks Christie for shining the light in such a murky spot…pun intended!

  3. Yeah!!! Haha! Ok, my need for the strapless panty is for my ta-die-fowe floor length JPG gown…you can see every curve and thong undies with a strap may douse the magic. I get away with just rouching the dress but would love to wear without worry!!! Zapp me with some magic undies and flower power for my barely B’s!!!

  4. You need a strapless panty on every date. I keep a strapless panty in my handbag as a conversation piece on dates. It has created some interesting conversations. Mine is red.

  5. AFter killing myself with p90x, I want to be skinny enough to have Skin City body Painting ( the company I manage) paint ME!! And get pics done for my fiance for our wedding. The strapless undies are perfect for body painting. Cover up just enough area to keep you modest, while not having straps that dig into your sides and mess up the illusion of a fully painted body! The silcone cover ups would also be perfect for under my wedding dress too! 🙂

  6. I saw this product at a tradeshow, and it is a must-have! I find that no regular thong underwear can work properly with the kind of swimwear that gets handed to me on modeling assignments, since side details often expose the strap. Great blog, Christie! xoxoxo

  7. Um…the less classy the reason for needing strapless panties the better as far as I’m concerned!

  8. I have to say that I can’t see a reason why I would need a disposable panty…but I am sure my husband can think of a million things I could wear a strapless panty with! ;)… intriguing…