My Favorite Summer Drugstore Buys


I use ALOT of sunscreen.  

I literally go through cases of it each summer so purchasing the priciest thing on the shelf isn’t the smartest thing but with my ginger sensitive skin I need sun products that produce big results.

You don’t have to spend BIG dollars to get BIG results and you don’t have to scour specialty shops or department stores to score quality SPF protection. You can find products that deliver huge sun protection with big SPF factors, a great scent and a price point that won’t give you heat stroke as close as your local drugstore’s shelves!

My go-to sunscreens- that you will find in my set bag on any given shoot- are a combination of NO-AD and Ocean Potion.  Two drugstore brands that pack a pocket-friendly sun protective punch.

This summer there are three new must-have products from these sun-tacular brands that you have to check out.

NO-AD Sport Body and Face SPF50 Sunscreen Stick

What Is It: Ultra-lightweight sun protective stick formula that goes on clear with no white mess and applies smoothly and quickly. Water-resistant (80 minutes), broad-spectrum SPF 50 sun protection.

Why I love it:  Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation for daily use, this guy is fragrance free and it’s compact packaging makes it perfect for tossing in your bag. The price point! We all know that companies tack on dollars to their products we purchase due to marketing costs. No-Ad makes their sun care products Ad free in order to deliver lower cost quality products to consumers! That’s why their big results sunscreens can sell for such a pocket friendly price!  This heavy hitter is under $10.

Where to Buy it: Walmart,, as well as many other food, drug, and mass market retailers.

NO-AD Oil-Free Face Lotion SPF30

What Is It: A Fragrance- free, hypoallergenic sunscreen face lotion whose formula won’t clog pores or cause break-outs. Broad-spectrum SPF 30 protection. Dermatologist tested and recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation for daily use. Water-resistant (80 minutes.)

Why I love it: It’s Oil Free and Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation plus it’s under $10!   The advanced formula helps retain natural moisture while protecting your face from skin-aging UVA rays, burning UVB rays and DNA damage caused by the sun.  When you apply it it’s doesn’t have that “coating” feeling you get from most sunscreens.  It actually moisturizes while protecting.

Where to Buy it: Walmart,, as well as many other food, drug, and mass market retailers.

Ocean Potion Ever Glow Xtreme Self Tanning Lotion

What Is It: A Moisturizing lotion that creates glowing, natural looking color while avoiding the harmful rays of the sun. Subtle color begins to develop within hours. Reapply daily until desired depth of color is reached with full color achieved in only three days.

Why I love it: Ocean Potion has hands down the best smelling products EVER! The best description I can give is that they all smell like a creamsicle, even this self tanner has that signature scent and we all know that self-tanners aren’t usually the best smelling products!  This self tanner produces beautiful natural looking color gradually.  No orange skin!  No streaks and it’s under $10.

Where to Buy it: Walmart, Walgreens, Target,, as well as many other food, drug, and mass market retailers.

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