Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Hydrating Milk Cleanser


Donkey Milk.

Yes, you heard me, Donkey Milk.

This is the key ingredient in the latest product, from beauty guru Napoleon Perdis.

Let’s set the Donkey Milk part aside for a moment and talk about Milk Cleansers. I have discussed Balm, Foam and Gel Cleansers here on my blog but I haven’t really touched on Milk Cleansers yet.

Milk Cleansers are a light and gentle cleanser designed for daily use to remove dirt, grime and make-up. They are a great alternative to other cleansers because they moisturize‚ nourish and balance the skin without the harshness of soaps. Fantastic for maturing, dry and irritated skin they hydrate while removing impurities.

Now back to the Donkey Milk.  Napoleon Perdis says he was inspired by Cleopatra’s signature beauty ritual of bathing in complexion-balancing milk when he created this product.

“Cleopatra is perhaps history’s most iconic beauty, but she was also blessed with an intelligence and effortless charm that is often overlooked.  Like the modern Napoleon woman, this girl was a multi-tasker!  She is said to not only have been a powerful leader, but also to have been a scholar, penning books on medicine and cosmetics, and inspiring beauty treatments all over the world.  She was said to have luxuriated in milk-baths.  This may seem strange to us now, but the Vitamins A and E found in milk are fabulous for skin cell repair and for complete complexion perfection.”- Napoleon Perdis.

Ok so milk is great for the skin but why Donkey Milk?

Donkey Milk, which is higher in protein than regular cow and goat milk, is also packed with vitamins and essential fatty acids like omegas 3 and 6 and, because the milk is similar to human milk in its composition, it is easily absorbed into the skin.

With no parabens, petrolatums and silicone free the new Auto Pilot Hydrating Milk Cleanser is made with organic donkey milk and packed full of vitamins and essential fatty acids to calm and balance your skin.

Have I sparked your interest yet?


What Is It: Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Hydrating Cleansing Milk.

What Does it Do: This made-in-Italy creamy cleanser removes makeup, soothes and softens skin while calming and balancing.

How to Use It: Apply 1-2 pumps and gently massage on skin.  Remove with a tissue or cleansing cloth.

Why I Love it: Ah-mazing!  The product removed all of my makeup- even eye makeup- without any irritation. My skin felt clean, smooth. plump and ridiculously hydrated, almost as if I had already put moisturizer on. Great for all skin types, but those of us with “maturing” skin will notice the biggest difference. Donkey Milk?  Sign me up!  My skin looks FANTASTIC!

Where Can I Get It: Neiman Marcus and


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  1. Cleanser that is made by donkeys milk is so exclusive, i often know that it is made by papaya! I just want to know if it is also painful or irritable when it hits in my eyes? Thank you

  2. Do I use a toner and moisturiser afterwards? Can this be used to remove a full face of makeup in the shower?

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