Napoleon Perdis Rebirth of Venus


If there is one thing you can expect from Napoleon Perdis it’s to expect the unexpected.  Remember the Donkey Milk Cleanser I wrote about a few months ago?

We’ll they have done it again with some out-of-the-box skincare thinking, or at least out-of-the-western-world-box skincare thinking. Their latest release is a cleansing oil for the skin Napoleon Perdis Rebirth of Venus Skin Renewing Cleansing Oil.

Yes, it’s an oil you wash your face with.  You may think this sounds strange but the Japanese have been using oil cleansers for decades in a method they call “Double Cleansing”.

Double Cleansing removes BOTH oil-soluble and water-soluble impurities from the face.

The idea behind the concept is that most facial cleansers are water-based and remove water-soluble impurities with ease, however they do not remove oily impurities nearly as well. Because like dissolves like and oil and water repel one another, an oil-type cleanser works to remove oily impurities in-depth, rather than just on the skin’s surface. If you wear make-up which contains oil, use sunscreens which have water-resistance or have oily skin you can achieve clearer and calmer skin by double-cleansing.  It has shown AMAZING results for those with Rosacea and Acne-prone skin.

To Double Cleanse, first apply an oil cleanser to dry skin with dry hands and massage to remove the day’s makeup then rinse with warm water. Next they use a cream or foaming face wash, depending on your skin type, to remove any impurities on the skin. Follow with moisturizer.

I have been employing the Double Cleanse Method using Napoleon Perdis’ new Rebirth of Venus Cleansing Oil for a couple weeks now and I have seen a huge results.  The red splotchy spots I normally have on my skin have decreased significantly and my skin feels ridiculously hydrated- not to mention I have no need for makeup-remover because the oil sweeps the makeup away (even my long-wear mascara).  I was afraid the oil would get in my eyes and irritate but I haven’t had any problems with that at all.

The reason it is so effective is that Rebirth of Venus Cleansing Oil contains nourishing Olive Oil and Fermented seeds from the Lotus flower that leave your skin feeling rejuvenated and the Amino Acids and Polysaccharides calm stressed skin leaving it hydrated and looking flawless. Plus it smells fantastic!  I want to dip my entire body in it!

Pro Tip:  Apply the oil to a dry face and massage THEN wipe away with a wet cloth.  DO NOT apply the oil to a wet face.

What do you think about Double Cleansing?  Want to give it a try?

Napoleon Perdis Rebirth of Venus Cleansing Oil is available at Neiman Marcus and

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