New Years Eve Handbag Essentials

Celebrating a New Year means a late night out.  When you leave the house make sure your handbag is stocked with all the necessary essentials yet light enough to not interfere with the fun!

Planning what handbag you carry for the festivities is as important as what you wear! For an all-nighter like New Years Eve my bag of choice is a cross-body.  They leave your hands free to snap photos and sip on drinks without the inconvenience of having to ask someone to hold it or searching for a place to set it down and risking loosing it PLUS they have space enough to fit everything you need- unlike a clutch.

…and what exactly do you need in that bag?  I put together a list of New Years Eve Handbag Essentials- which are all available at Neiman Marcus- that will take you into the New Year looking fresh, fabulous and festive.


ONE: Edward Bess Lasting Kiss Lip Stain– Achieve the lasting power of a lip stain without the dryness! This revolutionary stain captures the creamy feel of Edward Bess lipstick fused with long-wear technology to create a pucker that will last all the through that midnight kiss!

TWO: Sisley-Paris Phto-Cernes Eclat Eye Concealer– give eyes new life with my all time favorite concealer which has an advanced formula for instant anti-dark circle action and anti-puffiness treatment!  It even comes with its own brush for easy application!

THREE: B Brian Atwood Ava Metal Crock Print Bag – get the party started with this gorgeous metallic cross-body bag that will pair easily with just about any look!

FOUR: Mai Couture Lavender Rejuvinate Oil Blotting Papier-Refresh and revitalize skin on the go with just one sheet of Mai Couture Lavender Oil Blotting Papier. Infused with lavender oil, each luxurious papier masterfully absorbs excess oil from the face without disturbing makeup— really, with the clock counting down who has the time to reapply?

FIVE: Supersmile On the Go Whitening Gum- Keep your breath fresh (especially after a few cocktails) and your teeth white while out and about!

SIX: Byredo Gypsy Water Roll On Parfum Oil– My Must-Have Winter Scent in a no fuss roll-on form!  Refresh anywhere anytime without the worry of spritzing in public!

SEVEN: Brilliance Champagne IPhone6 Case- let all your “Selfie”s be full of Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams in this gorgeous Iphone Case- I have the same one and it is mesmerizing!

EIGHT: CitySlips Glitter Toe Ballet Travel Flats- At some point you may be tempted to remove those cute heels from your throbbing feet.  Make sure you are armed with these easy travel flats that fold up and stow into your handbag so that you don’t become “one-of-those girls” walking barefoot and tipsy outside!

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