Office Holiday Party Faux Pas, Flub-Ups and How to Avoid Them

‘Tis the season to attend those annual office holiday parties.  We have all heard  horror stories about how Dan from accounting got blitzed at last years office party and passed out in the boss’ wife’s lap — you don’t want to be Dan!

Things to DO and NOT DO

  • Eat appetizers.  This will give your tummy a nice foundation so that your boss’ famous Eggnog doesn’t take you by surprise.
  • Keep alcohol to a minimum.  While an “Open Bar” may seem irresistible remember that alcohol can make you do stupid things.
  • Keep conversations light and festive, no one wants to talk about work or personal problems while rejoicing.
  • Make the rounds! Mingle and meet those that you don’t normally get a chance to talk with.  Network (don’t just stick with your usual crowd).
  • Dance if you feel your dance won’t turn into the movie “Dirty Dancing”.  No twerking, bumping or grinding please! Remember everyone has a camera easily accessible on their phone and Instagram now has Videos.
  • Dress Appropriately.  An office party is an extension of work.  Err on the side of conservative.  This is not the time to debut your latest club wear or show off that down to the navel plunging neckline.
  • No matter what don’t announce your undying love for a colleague at the holiday party.  A drunken declaration of affection is not the way to someone’s heart.
  • Seems like a good idea but not: posting or tweeting those hilarious photos of your drunken colleagues, but it can only end in tears when they realize an embarrassing photo is out there for the world to “LIKE” or comment on – come Monday morning around the water cooler you will be the subject of discussion — you don’t want that do you?
  • Leaving? Who’s leaving early? Not you! And don’t stay too late either all good things must come to an end.
  • Don’t hog the Mic. Putting on a Broadway show at the Karaoke machine will be frowned upon, just 1 song will do – pass the microphone.
  • Get in a fight.  I don’t care if Brad from Marketing never returned your stapler or if  Joan from HR is making googly eyes at your date.  Turn the other cheek.  Avoid conflict.  The holiday party is not the arena to air your grievances, that’s what Festivus is for…lol.
And please, do not put that lampshade on your head, try to relax and have fun — oh, and you had better show up for work on Monday!

Stumped on what to wear?

Here are some Office Party Appropriate looks that are sure to advance your career:







What will you be wearing to your Office Holiday party?

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