One for One: See Change

(above: Blake Mycoskie founder of TOMS with the mystery box)

On June 7th I attended an exciting worldwide event at Neiman Marcus Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas where TOMS launched their newest product. 

80 Mystery boxes were distributed all over the US to be opened simultaneously at 10:30am PDT.

A crowd of anxious shoppers awaited the opening of the “Mystery Box” which would reveal the new product and next chapter in the TOMS One for One giving model. 

TOMS fans counted the moments to the opening as a buzz of guesses as to what the product would be floated around the room.  Is it apparel?  Is it backpacks? Is it a purified water?

…and then the box was opened!

The new product: TOMSeyewear.

With the opening of the mystery box and launch of TOMSeyewear, TOMS became not just a shoe company, but the One for One company.

What is One for One? One person buys and One person is helped.   “In 2006, American traveler Blake Mycoskie befriended children in Argentina and found they had no shoes to protect their feet.  Wanting to help, he created TOMS, a company that would match EVERY pair of shoes purchased with a pair of new shoes given to a child in need.  One for One.”  Since then TOMS has given over one Million pairs of shoes to Children in need around the world.

“The number one question I have gotten over the past few years is ‘What’s next’? When I thought about launching another product with the TOMS model, vision seemed  the most obvious choice and Nepal seemed like a great opportunity.  When we started this project we knew nothing about saving or restoring vision, all we knew was that there was a great need.  I think what is really important to understand is just how important it is to help give sight to someone in need.  With TOMSeyewear we are able to give someone the opportunity to wear a pair of shades knowing there is a much greater purpose.  Knowing they have impacted some one’s life in a One for One way.” —Blake Mycoskie founder of TOMS

With every pair of TOMSeyewear you purchase , TOMS will help give sight to a person in need.  One for One.

 “There are 284 million people who are blind and visually impaired worldwide.  90% of those people live in developing countries.”   Nepal, Tibet and Cambodia were identified as having a substantial need for eye care services which is why TOMS has selected those countries to begin the program.

Partnering with the Seva Foundation the giving will begin in several ways:

  •  Medical treatments of sight threatening conditions with prescription medications, removal of foreign objects, and clinical attention and education.
  • Prescription eyeglasses
  • Sight-saving surgeries such as cataract surgery. (Cataract is a leading cause of blindness worldwide).

The line launches with three Iconic Styles: The Classic 101 (a wayfarer), Classic 201 (a Jackie O style), and Classic 301 (an aviator) in over 38 Color combinations.


The frames are hand painted and each stripe “tells a story”. The first stripe on the temples represents you.  The stripe on the tip represents the person you are helping give sight to.  And the middle stripe is TOMS, bringing the two together.

Join me in making a purchase that matters!  Pick up one of the TOMSeyewear Classic styles at Neiman Marcus or

(above: me in my navy Classic 301 TOMSeyewear)

Help Spread the TOMS ONE for ONE word!

1 lucky winner will receive a TOMS t-shirt…Wear this shirt to let everyone know how they can be a part of ONE for ONE giving!


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Good Luck and Thanks for Reading!

Last weeks lucky winner is Von Rizzo!  Congrats!

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  1. Oh this is so amazing I don’t even know what to say! I am going to post on my Twitter (@g0t_bliss) & Facebook. I enjoy paying it forward whenever I can just doing little things here and there, but TOMS is such an inspiring and wonderful company!!! I would love to rock a shirt to support this cause!!!

  2. I love TOMS because they are a philanthropic company. They give people an opportunity to give back just by making a purchase.

  3. More companies should do things like this. Clothing, shoes, sunglasses are a great start.. but i think alcohol, sex toys, beauty products.. hey people all over the world could beneift!! 😉

  4. I wish I was there to see the excitement when TOMS unlocked the box. The glasses look great on you!

  5. I’ve always admired TOMS and what the company does but I was never a fan of their shoes…until they came out with wedges! I’m happy I can finally do my part for the one-for-one movement. I love the wedge styles so much that I bought 2 pairs in the last month. The t-shirt would be as much of a conversation-starter as my shoes are. TOMS are hard to find in Reno…

  6. What’s not to love? He cares more about helping others than making money. Name another company that does that?

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