Oops I Did It Again


I am literally the person who sees one leaf on the ground and takes it as an open invitation to transition from cold drinks to hot, sandals to boots, skinny margs to Irish Coffees and pile on tons of layers.  Even though I’m in Vegas and it’s still in the 80s I insist in getting my full Fall experience and this look marks my move to Fall/Winter.

If you are a frequent reader of my blog or follow me on social media, no doubt, you are fully informed that I have a MAJOR Chanel addiction.

Over the past few months I have been slowly amassing a Chanel jacket army from TheRealReal.com.

Just when I thought my appetite was finally satiated…..oops I did it again!

How could I say no to this masterpiece of vintage goodness when TheRealReal had their clearance sale last month!?!

Oh My Boucle! It was love at first sight.


At the top of my never-ending list of “pieces I need in my closet now” was a pair of gray-scale denim.  I had hunted far and wide.  High and low and then found this Wild Pearl pair in the most surprising of places: the junior’s section of Nordstrom Rack.

Jaw drop.  I know!  Imagine MY face in the dressing room!

Me the girl with the uber curvy hips is in a pair of junior’s jeans.  Why I love them.. let me count the ways: they have a perfect high rise fit, are skinny but not painted on skinny and have an expertly distressed hem.  They aren’t available online but the Nordstrom Rack here in Vegas had a ton of them.. and they were only $30!



Stylist Tip: I am soooo not a crop top kind of gal.  So one of my styling “tricks” for wearing a cropped style is to layer it with a longer piece underneath.  I loved the color and texture of this Valette sweater but it was too short for me so I layered it with a velvet and lace Harlow and Graham cami.  



Shhhh… I may also have clicked “buy now” on this FENDI shoulder bag during TheRealReal sale.


Are you in full on Fall mode?  What pieces will you be wearing on repeat this season?

Anyone spot the gross discarded sock in my images?  I didn’t until I edited them.  #Classy

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  1. Love the hat!!!! I’ll have to send you a bag a leaves, compliments of Rhode Island, to sprinkle around your yard 😉

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