Operation Glass Slipper

Once upon a time on the Zappos Campus……

there happened such a “feel-good” event that it literally brought tears to my eyes.  

This morning I attended Operation Glass Slipper at the Zappos Campus and watched through misty eyes the “good” that can be done when a community comes together.

Operation Glass Slipper is a joint project of The Las Vegas Prom Closet and Downtown Project Kids hosted by Zappos. The goal was to give 600 – 800 girls in need the opportunity to “shop” free of charge through an endless supply of dresses to find “the one” for their Prom.


Organizers enlisted school councilors to help them select the Cinderella’s that they would be Fairy Godmothers to.

Girls began lining up as early as 6am bursting with excitement to take their trip up the Red Carpet where row after row of dresses awaited them.


Seriously, there was an even better selection than you would find in a department store! Every type of silhouette, every color and size.






After selecting a few dresses to try the girls headed to the dressing rooms.


It is difficult to describe the amount of emotion in the dressing rooms.  This is where the sheer magnitude of how magical this event was and how much it meant to these girls really hit me.

Transformed princesses emerged from behind the dressing room curtains in their gowns with tears of joy running down their faces, some shrieked with excitement while others quietly embraced their parents beaming with smiles from ear to ear.  A real life Fairy-Tale.

Of course not all the gowns were a perfect fit and no Fairy Godmother worth her weight in glitter wants her Cinderella in an ill fitting dress, so The Stitch Factory was on hand to tailor the girls dresses to the perfect fit.




Now that they had “The Dress” it was time to turn the page to the next part of their story, accessories.

A wonderland of handbags, heels and jewels as far as the eye could see.








With a wave of the magic wand and a bit of bippity boppity boo their look was complete and a gift bag was in their hands packed full of  PROM  necessities such as nail lacquer, foot petals, fashion tape and even flip flops in case she should loose one of her glass slippers!


Before the day was over the Operation Glass Slipper Fairy Godmother’s knew one very important detail could not be left out.  Every good Ball (PROM) must have dancing! They enlisted Miami Rhythm Dance Studio dance instructors to teach the princesses how to Waltz, Salsa and Rumba their way into their Prince Charming’s heart.






Not only did this event provide over 800 girls with dresses for their proms, it also taught them a lesson straight from the pages of a fairy-tale….

If you keep on believing
the dream that you wish will come true.

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  1. That is so heart warming. What a wonderful project to make a Cinderella night come true for so many young ladies. It also brings a tear to my eye.

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