Pantyhose Are Back

Pantyhose trend

This season pantyhose are back in a big way, that’s right…. pantyhose.

The things your mom used to bring home in weird egg-shaped packaging.  The things once worn by flight attendants, first ladies and EVERYONE in the Mad Men era are cool again!

Sitting front row at the Spring 2018 Naeem Khan Runway show Paula Abdul caused a fashion stir when she wore a pair of nude Donna Karan pantyhose.  Social media exploded with photos questioning her bold nude leg choice.

Fast forward through a few more shows and nude pantyhose became a recurring theme.  Alessandro Michele donned his models in granny stockings and nude hosiery at Gucci and Helmut Lang showcased the full monty of pantyhose complete with control tops in their Spring 2018 shows.

The rapidly growing trend has already made it’s way to the streets.

Duchess Kate is often credited with bringing back nude-nylon-covered legs and flashier stars like Miley Cyrus, Beyonce and Ariana Grande are also fans of flesh-toned hose.

You know something is officially a trend if it starts popping up on CW shows and Veronica (Camila Mendes) on Riverdale has been rockin’ some nude pantyhose all season.

“Pantyhose makes an outfit more elegant, makes a lady or a girl look more put together, and that is what Veronica is,” Riverdale’s Costume Designer Rebekka Sorensen-Kjelstrup told Vanity Fair, “It doesn’t matter what she’s doing. At all times she is put together, and pantyhose just makes that clean line from head to toe. Even if it’s just nude, there’s something about it that’s very elegant”.

Why pantyhose?  Well this once thought-of-as-antiquated accessory is like makeup for your legs.

They disguise blemishes and varicose veins, and make legs appear smoother and, depending on what shade you choose, tanner.  German hosiery brand Item M6 even makes what they call an “Invisible Tight” which actually improves your circulation while lifting and smoothing and London based hosiery brand Heist worked with 67 women over 12 months on a quest to free women from uncomfortable fitting pantyhose. The result? A nude sheer pantyhose that won’t sag, pinch, scratch or dig. Yes, that super-tight and restrictive waistband is a thing of the past.

Another PLUS for pantyhose is that they make a great seasonal transition piece.  If you don’t feel like looking as bundled up as tights they are a great way to keep a little warmth on your legs while embracing a Spring look AND they will help hide that “winter white” shade your legs became over the cold weather season!

To rock the nude pantyhose look opt for sheer coverage, where you can see your actual legs through the fabric, and try to match as closely as possible to your skin tone.  The idea is for your legs to look almost airbrushed and avoid them if you are wearing open toe shoes.

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  1. OH NO…I hate pantyhose! I hate how they feel. In fact, it’s almost painful to put them on. They do look nice on and some feel okay after I make my way into them but no way will I put on pantyhose unless I have to. I prefer tights. LOL

    1. LOL if you find the right pair they feel almost invisible. I have actually been enjoying the new advances in nylons. Way more comfy and my legs look perfect!

  2. I love wearing pantyhose! I definitely feel like it’s one of the most underrated accessories. They’re always in style in my eyes lol

    1. LOL I’ve been test driving them in my last few “nude leg” looking OOTD’s. Seriously you can’t even tell I’m wearing them. My legs just look super even and tone!

  3. Is any one surprised by this? I say pantyhose are timeless! I’ve always worn them and always will! Pant hose for life baby!

  4. I can’t say whether I am excited or not, because I am all about comfort. I am very careful in choosing hosiery. I will have to check out these brands. I am glad that these do not have that uncomfortable waistband!

    1. Oh yeas she is one of the founders of bringing them back. She wear the Wolford ones I linked to and swears by them.

  5. As long as they’re not like the old sausage casing types that cut blood flow off to your nether regions, I’m totally in! Love the way they make my legs look.

  6. I’m glad to hear. I like pantyhose because it keeps me warm, my tummy in and makes my legs look a lot better. I remember washing out 5 pairs every Sunday when I first started working. Now, no one wears them to work any more. I will trot them out if I’m dressing up and the weather is cold. The trickiest part is finding a color that really matches your skin tone.

  7. I am kind of late to this article… Frankly, I am SO glad they are coming back in!! I am so done with the bare leg look. Every time I am wearing nylons, I feel so much more polished and elegant. Thank you, Kate Middleton, for reminding us elegance is never out of style!

  8. No Nonsense sheer to waist pantyhose feel and look great on my legs. I can wear them anytime of the year. During the summer, I order 10 denier sheer to waist pantyhose on line because they are not warm during the summer. I love the feeling of just wearing pantyhose with nothing else under a skirt or dress. Enjoy

  9. I’m so glad to hear that pantyhose are making a comeback. Despite what is said about them being uncomfortable they make your legs look amazing and sexy. I think many women realize they make their legs look better but don’t want to fight the fashionista. Recently read a comment that said if women thought I looked hot in this red ball cap I would never take it off. Maybe just the difference between men and women. Wear pantyhose proudly!

  10. Seamless pantyhose is very comfy and stretchable, not to mention that they are durable as well. Do let me know if u guys want it.

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