Patella Pampering

This summer I have become addicted to hiking. Yeah, who knew it!  I actually crave the great outdoors!

It’s the perfect way to escape the heat, have some quiet reflective time and clear your head PLUS get some cardio in at different elevations–and then there’s always the carrot at the end of the stick, a tasty beverage at the Lodge bar afterwards!

All this hiking has really brought to my attention the fact  that I have a SEVERE condition…. “Old Lady Knees” (probably not the correct medical term for this…lol).

Last weekend as I limped my way back down the mountain with swollen throbbing knees, cursing and wondering if there was a way to sled back down, I vowed to find a fashionable solution to the problem.

During my mountainous exercise excursions I have seen those super serious hikers with their camelbacks, polarized sunglasses, goggles, huge medical device looking knee braces,  and retro ski pole-like walking sticks, I know all these things serve a purpose but yeah no thanks.

I’m not saying I have to be the chicest hiker on the mountain but I am certainly not going to go up there and try to exercise looking like a crazed Steam Punk Revolutionist.

While having cocktails at the lodge and icing my knees I met a stylish little hiker who told me about  Mueller Sport Care’s Jumper’s Knee Strap– an unobtrusive little guy who packs a big punch.

“The adjustable strap is designed to improve patellar tracking and elevation by applying pressure on the tendon below the kneecap.  The tubular insert provides uniform pressure and help provide pain relief”.

Fast forward one week and my Mueller Sport Care Strap was waiting for me in the mailbox-complements of Mueller Sport Care.

I headed straight to the mountain to give it a test.

Applying the strap is simple.  It goes around your knee, right below your kneecap over your patellar tendon. The velcro makes it easy to adjust and apply, and it puts just the right amount of pressure on the tendon plus it stays in place!

Hiking  the 3 Mile Mary Jane Falls Trail (1200 elevation gain) all the way to the top, I sat beneath the majestic waterfall with not a single ache in my knee and then NO pain as I descended the mountain- which is usually a  killer for me!

I highly recommend the Mueller Jumper’s Knee Strap to any outdoorsy Fashionista who may be weak in the knees.  At $7 its a great price point, has an eye catching sleek design, is super comfortable and available in 7 colors!

This week Mueller Sport Care wants to give your Patella some pampering.  1 lucky winner will receive a Green Jumper’s Sport Strap from Mueller Sport Care.


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Next- leave a comment on this post between July 22 and July 28th telling my why your Patella needs pampering.

Good luck and thanks for reading!

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  1. Hey, Christie!
    We are in Whitefish, MT for the summer, and yesterday hiked the Whitefish Trail to Styles Lake Overlook (could the name of the lake be a coincidence, thinking of you???). We intend to get in a hike almost every day this summer, when we aren’t kayaking, biking, or swimming! Have fun, Christie!

  2. I didn’t realize I had old lady knees until I visited Portland and the damp climate had me aching!

  3. I beat myself up daily. Be it either a trail running, plyometrics, endless walking, etc. I stay healthy by pushing myself … sometimes a little too hard.

  4. I love hiking too. This band sounds AWESOME! After my third half-marathon my knees really let me know just how old I am. I would LOVE to try this out!

  5. A little story:
    Husband has patella surgery.
    Husband has pain and temper tantrums cause he hates his brace.
    Husband has to redo surgery to get out pins and wires.
    Wife not looking forward to it.
    Husband wears Mueller band and is happy.
    Wife doesn’t seek divorce attorney.
    The end.

  6. Well, my knees are constantly filled with fluid. I cant be on my knees for to long because it starts to hurt so anything to take off the pressure of my patellas would be great! I also have a goal to run a full marathon and not be hurting as bad as when I did the half marathon! It would be really nice to have some relief..

  7. Interesting….I wonder if this would help my knee that I sometimes have trouble with after long walks. I can’t say I’ve seen anyone with these straps on, but I have seen other knee strap devices and wondered about them…it’s great hearing your experience first.

  8. These are so cute! I love the colors… and what, you didn’t want to wear that big gnarly brace on your leg? And some of us LIKE Steam Punk… (well, no, but it sure is interesting to look at)

  9. These are amazing! My oldest daughter is 13 and a competitive Gymnast and now Cheerleader. She wears an ugly Blue strap for her knee (as do many of the other girls) and I know she would love to try out these beautiful colours!

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