Perfect Messy Waves with GHD Curve


Ever since Emma Stone debuted her chopped off tousled hair I have been OBSESSED with getting those messy waves.

This trend isn’t the beach-wave mermaid-esc look that was popular last summer, now it has evolved into something edgier that takes a bit more than a dip in the ocean or sea-salt spray to achieve. Think beach waves but much, much messier a la Emma Stone, Mary-Kate Olsen and Alexa Chung.  It’s more rock and roll princess than bathing beauty and pairs well with Boho and Festival looks, it even brings a little model-off-duty savvy to a relaxed t-shirt and jeans.

Mussing things up is a great way to change your look for Spring without making a huge commitment. Fresh and fun this season it’s all about the mess.

My tool of choice for achieving perfect messy waves is the ghd curve® classic wave wand.


What is it: The ghd curve® classic wave wand  is a 38mm – 26mm OVAL shaped barrel wand that creates edgy, deep, shimmering waves and glamorous movement.

Here is why it’s so amazing: Each ghd curve® wand contains patented tri-zone® breakthrough ceramic technology that guarantees the right curling temperature of 185°C. This is maintained with six quick-thinking sensors in the tri-zone® barrel that ensures the optimum temperature is delivered constantly and evenly all along the barrel of the wand; delivering lasting curls that are formed fast and stay locked-in, while respecting the health of your hair.

Tips for Using: DO use the heat protective glove that is included.  If you aren’t used to using a wand this will be your hand’s best friend to prevent burning.  Section off your hair then while taking small sections, alternate the direction you wrap the hair- one strand forward then the next strand backward.  This helps to create random waves rather than uniform ones.  Keep it messy, the messier the better!  Once you have finished, use your fingertips from underneath to muss things up a bit more and shake it out. DO NOT USE A BRUSH!!!!


photo (23)

Are you dying to get the look?

The ghd curve® classic wave wand is available at Neiman Marcus and

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  1. I need this! Your hair looks so healthy and shiny too! Love the look of messy waves especially for summer. Will look into this, thanks!!

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